Jun 23, 2017

I'm so excited!

The official launch party for Case of Espionage happens this Tuesday 27th June. The overall positive reaction to the book has blown me away. As many writers will tell you after being alone with the story for so long (even after editing and beta reading) you begin to doubt that it's any good. I've had demands for a sequel (which I'm already working on)

Here's a link to the event details.

We'll be live streaming the event on my author page on FaceBook too.


Jun 20, 2017

The Force, Don Winslow

If you live in New York, especially Manhattan North, ‘Da Force’ keeps you safe. They are the bravest, toughest, cops that NYPD has. An untouchable elite, ruled by Detective Sergeant Denny Malone. They are closer than family, they would die for each other. They do what needs to be done while the Mayor, the suits at one police plaza and others look the other way and take the credit. 

It’s a house of cards built on deals with the gangs and the mobsters and the judges because in this town everyone is a little bit dirty, even Denny Malone.

Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O, Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland

Magic was real but something caused it to die out in 1851.

A chance collision in a Harvard hallway leads to a whole new life for linguist Melisande Stokes. The guy she bumped into, Tristan Lyons recruits her into D.O.D.O a government black budget operation and the ancient cache of documents she translates for him prove that witches were useful members of society until their powers faded. Tristan and his superiors want to know why and to bring magic back even in a limited form for uses that are 'classified'. The burgeoning team that Tristan pulls together soon learn that magic has rules and whilst some can be broken if you mess with time, time will break you.

Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore, Matthew Sullivan

'Bright Ideas' is the Denver bookstore where Lydia Smith works.

Joey Molina is young, damaged and one of Lydia's favourite 'book frogs' until the night Joey takes his own life amongst the book stacks. The old Lydia starts to unravel. Joey left her his collection of books, defaced in odd ways and the picture he carried in his pocket was of her and some friends on her tenth birthday. Memories surface of Lydia and her dad fleeing Denver for a cabin in the mountains the only survivor of the 'hammer man' attack.

People she thought she'd lost; childhood friend Raj, her estranged father, the cop who never solved the hammer man case start showing up at the store and calling; banging on that door in Lydia’s brain where the memories of that awful night reside. A clever debut mystery that keeps you guessing, studded with characters that booksellers and customers alike will recognize.

(N.B. Sullivan is a former employee of Tattered Cover in Denver)

Jun 13, 2017

The Space Between The Stars, Anne Corlett

In a Universe very similar to ours the governments of the world decided to solve their overcrowding problems by deporting certain ethnic groups and lower class citizens to outer space. Jamie Allenby, a white English woman felt so strongly about this that she and a large group of protesters went out there with them.

Over a decade later Jaime is estranged from her partner, Daniel and working as a veterinarian on far flung Soltaire. With scant warning a deadly mutating virus; coming seemingly from nowhere, strikes the colonists, and Jamie, who was certain the virus would kill her, is one of a handful of survivors. Humanity has been decimated and Jamie along with other survivors decides to go back to Earth. Picked up by a cargo freighter she and the others on board will have to work together, putting their various agendas aside in order to reach home.

And is Earth really the safe haven they believe it to be?

Jun 6, 2017

The Silent Corner, Dean Koontz

FBI Agent Jane Hawk has gone rogue in the eyes of her agency. Recently widowed and hunted by a mysterious cabal she fights to keep the last of her family safe. Jane was investigating a rise in suicides, her husband's among them. Now she's gone as dark as she can while attempting to gather evidence of a mind-bending conspiracy capable of tearing down life as we know it. She's the one variable 'they' never expected and she's determined to take 'them' down, or die trying.

The Party, Robyn Harding

Hannah has finally made it, she's dating the hottest boy in the school and been hanging out with the popular girls and she's petrified that her sixteenth Birthday party is going to be social suicide.

She need not have worried, what happens at her party will cause shockwaves in many lives for years to come in this mash-up of Mean Girls and Pretty Little Liars.