Mar 21, 2017

Cutaway, Christina Kovac


The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing person identified as Evelyn Marie Carney. She was last seen at approximately 9:48 p.m., on Sunday March 8, in the twelve hundred block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

Nightly news producer, Virginia Knightley‘s instincts are piqued by this notice. Rumours are circulating that the young lawyer was having an affair with a DC heavyweight and that she just doesn’t want to be found. Calling in a favour from an old flame Virginia begins to dig. She encounters a smokescreen of unhelpful lawyers, obstructive police, political horsetrading, bereft lovers and husbands and Paige Linden, Evelyn’s best friend who, like Virginia, is convinced that something terrible has happened to Evelyn.

As if this wasn’t enough to contend with ratings are down at the station and the person responsible for bringing them back up’s antics are hurting Virginia’s team.

A great debut novel with bucket loads of authenticity. Kovac spent 17 years producing crime and political stories in Washington DC.  

Mar 7, 2017

Mister Memory, Marcus Sedgwick

It was a crime of passion, Marcel Despres killed his wife Ondine in their apartment with a gun. Everyone heard the shot, or was it shots? Despres is declared insane and bundled with unseemly haste into a mental asylum. And there the case would've rested but for young police Inspector, Petit, psychiatrist Doctor Morel and Marcel Despres himself. For Marcel is no ordinary man, he remembers everything. Inspector Petit comes to believe that Ondine's death is more than the result of a lover's quarrel. He suspects a cover-up stretching from the mean streets of Pigalle to the very highest levels of French government.

Petit convinces Dr. Morel that locked up somewhere in Marcel's giant brain is the fact that will crack his case but he's not the only one who has reached that conclusion.

Feb 27, 2017

Six Wakes, Mur Lafferty

Far into the future. The Dormire, bound for Artemis, with a cargo of cryogenically preserved rich people filling her holds. Six crew and IAN, the AI are all that is needed to run the ship. The crew are all clones, working passage to expunge their various criminal records.

A quarter century into the mission something goes horribly wrong and Maria Arena wakes up in a cloning vat surrounded by floating dead bodies (one of them hers), there's no gravity, the ship is off course, the AI offline and someone on board is a killer.

A taut, exciting, read-in-one-sitting book. Lafferty takes the sci-fi and winds it around some very human traits.

Feb 21, 2017

Spook Street, Mick Herron

A man getting a bit absent-minded, going to the shops in his pjs should trigger the family talk about nursing homes. When the man in question is David Cartwright, legend in the secret service and grandfather to slow horse River; the worry is that the OB might shoot the postman, mistaking him for a Russian spy. There are so many secrets locked up in Cartwright's head. One secret in particular is threatening the entire secret service and wily Diana Taverner is out to bash it over the with a shovel and bury it, metaphorically speaking of course.

Jackson Lamb is called out to identify a body, one of his slow horses appears to have met an untimely end. Another is out on Spook Street, following a trail into enemy territory and deep into David Cartwright's past. And River, well he's about to have a bullet-riddled family reunion.

Feb 14, 2017

The Last Night At Tremore Beach, Mikel Santiago

Composer Peter Harper has lost his muse, shut up on the rugged Irish coast and still licking his wounds over his recent divorce. He’s pretty sure he’ll never write another award winning score again. The night of one of the worst storms in living memory Peter accepts an invitation from near neighbours Leo and Marie to have dinner with them. On the return journey Peter is struck by a massive bolt of lightning. He wakes up in hospital, seemingly unscathed and then the visions start. He sees a smashed fence, a desperate woman, only the fence is fine and the woman is perfectly safe. The visions only get worse, Peter can’t tell if he’s awake or in some lucid dream. 

Did the lightning fry his brain or amplify a latent power, or is he simply losing his mind?

Whatever is happening to him he’s certain of one thing; Leo and Marie are hiding something and it threatens the lives of everyone he loves.

Feb 7, 2017

Winterlong, Mason Cross

Winterlong, a top secret government group has a simple severance policy, a shallow grave with your name on it. Former Winterlong operative, Carter Blake is a rare exception. Five years ago he and colleague walked away from Winterlong after negotiating a pact of mutually assured destruction with the old director. Since then both have kept their heads down.  The new director wants his head on a pole and she’s coming after him with every asset she can muster. Blake knows every trick in the book, problem is Winterlong wrote that book. Armed only with his wits and some formidable fighting skills Blake goes on the run saddled with the added complication of a rogue software designer he was ‘retrieving’ for a client. Both sides are hurtling towards an explosive East coast climax during one of the worst snow storms in living memory.

N.B. This is book three in the series first two are Killing Season and The Samaritan

Jan 31, 2017

Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough

David and Adele Martin are the perfect couple; rich beautiful people and Louise Barnsley, David's part time receptionist, is in a perfect mess. She's having an affair with one and the other has just become her best friend. Who is playing whom though? Louise thinks she knows; however she's not even close to divining the couple's secrets, the ties that bind them and the secret one still keeps from the other.

The love triangle between David, Louise and Adele starts to spiral out of control; each of them thinking they can control the other two, bend them to their will, get what they want. Things aren’t looking good for Adele…

Come find me at the store so that we can talk about that ending.