Apr 24, 2017

New Project Cover Art

Rollover is coming, just not yet. Turns out my first ever published book is from the second series I've been working on. I'll actually have a copy in my hand tomorrow which is the official on sale date. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Apr 11, 2017

Good Byline, Jill Orr

Nothing ever happens in Tuttle Corner, well nothing more exciting than the local library sale. That's the opinion of Riley 'Bless her heart' Ellison, whose happily ever after went up in smoke when her future husband Ryan took off to Denver to 'find himself, and left 24 year old Riley on the shelf.

Riley's plan to move on with her life was supposed to involve some light dating by signing up with but the death of her high school bestie, Jordan, upends Riley's life in ways she could never have anticipated when she agrees to write Jordan's obituary for the local paper. Suddenly the gorgeous Ajay, an 80llb furry assassin and an investigative reporter with a side line in batty conspiracy theories are orbiting her quiet little world and Ryan's unexpected return throws Riley for a loop.

Riley is certain Jordan was living her investigative reporter role to the hilt; but did it get her killed and by stepping into her shoes could Riley be in danger too. A fun, fresh and laugh out loud debut.

Fever Of The Blood, Oscar De Muriel

In the follow-up to ‘Strings of Murder’ De Muriel delves into more spooky goings on in Edinburgh. New Year’s Day 1889 signifies a terrible new beginning for the lunatic asylum where Inspector Nine Nails McGray’s sister resides. A patient murders his nurse and absconds. McGray and his reluctant partner Ian Frey are soon in hot pursuit; hotter after McGray learns that his mute sister was heard talking with the same patient, hours before he escaped.

McGray drags a less than enthused Frey across the border into England, in Lancashire, where more murders take place. During the worst blizzard in living memory with Frey now supporting McGray they chase the killer towards the home of the Lancashire witches, the infamous Pendle Hill.  

Song of the Lion, Anne Hillerman

An explosion in the parking lot at Shiprock High School leaves one man dead. Sgt Bernie Manuelito who was watching the basketball game and heard the first bomb go off is suddenly very much on duty, dealing with the panicked crowds, a rookie who is more keen to impress the FBI than to do his job and the possibility that there could be more bombs set to go off when the crowd leaves the gymnasium.

Bernie is pretty scuffed up by the time she gets home to find that Jim Chee, her husband was been ordered to Tuba City where a mediation is taking place over a possible development at the Grand Canyon. He has to babysit the mediator, Aza Palmer and things are getting heated on both sides. Sabotage and buckets of dead fish are the least of Chee's problems. Palmer doesn't want to be followed around and keeps giving Chee the slip and the FBI suspects an ecoterrorist plot to inflame tensions between the Hopi and the Dine tribes during the mediation.

Bernie, still investigating the Shiprock bombing, brings in retired lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and with his help begins to dig into a cold case from Leaphorn's past that reveals a simmering pot of revenge, about to boil over, in Tuba City.

Apr 3, 2017

My little passion publishing project

If you've been following my author page on FaceBook you'll know that the little 'passion project' I've been working on is very close to becoming a reality and to give myself that extra little kick in the pants to finish formatting and hit the 'publish' button? What better way than to sign up for the 'local author showcase' in July at TKE.

Mar 21, 2017

Cutaway, Christina Kovac


The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing person identified as Evelyn Marie Carney. She was last seen at approximately 9:48 p.m., on Sunday March 8, in the twelve hundred block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

Nightly news producer, Virginia Knightley‘s instincts are piqued by this notice. Rumours are circulating that the young lawyer was having an affair with a DC heavyweight and that she just doesn’t want to be found. Calling in a favour from an old flame Virginia begins to dig. She encounters a smokescreen of unhelpful lawyers, obstructive police, political horsetrading, bereft lovers and husbands and Paige Linden, Evelyn’s best friend who, like Virginia, is convinced that something terrible has happened to Evelyn.

As if this wasn’t enough to contend with ratings are down at the station and the person responsible for bringing them back up’s antics are hurting Virginia’s team.

A great debut novel with bucket loads of authenticity. Kovac spent 17 years producing crime and political stories in Washington DC.  

Mar 7, 2017

Mister Memory, Marcus Sedgwick

It was a crime of passion, Marcel Despres killed his wife Ondine in their apartment with a gun. Everyone heard the shot, or was it shots? Despres is declared insane and bundled with unseemly haste into a mental asylum. And there the case would've rested but for young police Inspector, Petit, psychiatrist Doctor Morel and Marcel Despres himself. For Marcel is no ordinary man, he remembers everything. Inspector Petit comes to believe that Ondine's death is more than the result of a lover's quarrel. He suspects a cover-up stretching from the mean streets of Pigalle to the very highest levels of French government.

Petit convinces Dr. Morel that locked up somewhere in Marcel's giant brain is the fact that will crack his case but he's not the only one who has reached that conclusion.