May 16, 2017

Since We Fell, Dennis Lehane

TV reporting is a tough business and rising star Rachel Childs falls at the biggest hurdle. After an on-air melt down, Rachel becomes a virtual shut in; racked by panic attacks. Until Brian comes back into her life. Brian Delacroix, humble, Canadian, the only honest PI she’d ever met. Now working in the family lumber business he travels a lot. Rachel loves him, trusts him, marries him. With him by her side she begins to put her panic attacks in the rear view mirror.

Then she glimpses Brian on a street corner at a time he is supposed to be jetting to London and her long buried reporter’s instincts resurface. As she slowly works out what she is mixed up in, her feeling towards Brian start to shift.

Did he ever love her? Has he been lying to her all along? Should she kill him?

Dennis is coming to TKE! Sunday June 4th 2017 at 3:00 p.m. 

May 11, 2017

The Thirst, Jo Nesbo

Nesbo plays cat and mouse with the reader as well as his characters in this, the eleventh in the Harry Hole series.

Harry Hole is back, and happy? Well right now he is; married to Rakel, father to Oleg and lecturer at the police college but all that is about to change. Mikael Bellman blackmails Harry into helping with a case. A killer using Tinder to target his victims and Harry senses something about his signature that is ‘familiar’ although he can’t place exactly what it is. Working alongside DI Katherine Bratt and an enthusiastic young newbie, Harry and the team races against the clock to save Oslo from a killer who has a fetish for blood and an old score to settle with Harry and DI Bratt. 

May 4, 2017


Case of Espionage hit store shelves just over two weeks ago and TKE have almost sold through our first order, which is great!

Regular visitors here know that reviews are very important, especially for new authors like me and whilst I have several blurbs ready to go on the back of Rollover (and a Kirkus review to quote from) this all happened so fast that blurbs and reviews where the last thing I was thinking about for C.O.E.

I got a thumbs up from my beta readers (after editing) and I've had some favourable verbal reviews but written ones are what I need. Here is the link to TKE's website

Most indies will be able to get you a copy. It's on Am**on as well (I have no control over that, I wish I did but...)

Reviews, here or on Riffle would be greatly appreciated.

May 2, 2017

Pearl Thief, Elizabeth Wein (A prequel to Codename Verity)

Before Verity became a brave and unbreakable spy she was Scots lass Julia Beaufort Stuart.

Fifteen year old Julia, Julie to her friends made the mistake of coming home from her Swiss studies three days early and ended up in hospital because of it. She can’t remember being bashed over the head she’s just grateful to the McEwens, Euan and Ellen and their fellow Travellers, who found her injured on the path to their camp site and got her to hospital.

Returning to her grandfather’s estate to recover, Julie begins to remember snippets of what happened to her. She is keen to get to the bottom of the mystery because on the day she got hurt a family employee vanished. She grows closer to the McEwens, experiencing firsthand some of the prejudices they’ve become used to. Then a body is found in the river and the Travellers look like an easy target to frame for murder. Julie joins forces with the McEwens and her brother Jamie to find the real culprit and save her new friends.

Into the Water, Paula Hawkins

'When I was 17, I saved my sister from drowning.'

The drowning pool in Jules' home town has claimed many troublesome women over the years some suicides, some, not. Jules escaped south to London soon after her mother died. Her sister, Nel stayed and now Nel is dead; found floating, broken in the drowning pool. The local police begin poking around and as Jules reluctantly returns to her childhood home she finds Nel's death mourned by some and celebrated by others. Nel, an award winning photographer was researching a book on the macabre history of the town and its river, could that have prompted someone to kill her?

Jules' memories of growing up in this small town are about to suffer a jolt especially when Lena, Nel's teenage daughter goes missing.

Apr 24, 2017

New Project Cover Art

Rollover is coming, just not yet. Turns out my first ever published book is from the second series I've been working on. I'll actually have a copy in my hand tomorrow which is the official on sale date. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Apr 11, 2017

Good Byline, Jill Orr

Nothing ever happens in Tuttle Corner, well nothing more exciting than the local library sale. That's the opinion of Riley 'Bless her heart' Ellison, whose happily ever after went up in smoke when her future husband Ryan took off to Denver to 'find himself, and left 24 year old Riley on the shelf.

Riley's plan to move on with her life was supposed to involve some light dating by signing up with but the death of her high school bestie, Jordan, upends Riley's life in ways she could never have anticipated when she agrees to write Jordan's obituary for the local paper. Suddenly the gorgeous Ajay, an 80llb furry assassin and an investigative reporter with a side line in batty conspiracy theories are orbiting her quiet little world and Ryan's unexpected return throws Riley for a loop.

Riley is certain Jordan was living her investigative reporter role to the hilt; but did it get her killed and by stepping into her shoes could Riley be in danger too. A fun, fresh and laugh out loud debut.