Nov 19, 2015

One Man's Flag, David Downing

The follow-up to 'Jack of  Spies' finds Jack McColl in India in 1916 trying to keep a consignment of German guns from ending up in the hands of Indian rebels. McColl is doing his job although he can't help admiring the ideals of the rebels, if not their methods. Caitlin is still very much in his head but after his betrayal of her brother Jack's pretty sure she'd rather knife him than talk to him. For her part Caitlin has stayed in London and become a European correspondent her fearless nature and neutral status as an American journalist allows her to visit both sides of the trenches, too close for her own good in some cases.

Ireland and rumours of an uprising against the British are the flashpoint that brings the two back together on opposite sides once again and this time Caitlin is ready to betray Jack.

Nov 2, 2015

Great November Reads

If you haven't discovered JK Rowling's alter ego, Robert Galbraith you are seriously missing out. The Cormoran Strike series continues to develop the two main characters in Galbraith's latest, Career of Evil.

Strike and his assistant/partner Robin receive a gruesome delivery that links the sender to a rash of murders some undiscovered, some yet to be committed. Strike knows of four men in his past that have the degree of savagery required to carry out such an atrocity, problem is the police have set their sights on only one and for Strike and Robin time is running out.

This series keeps on getting darker, which is great because the characters of Strike and Robin just keep getting stronger.

There are a couple more new releases below, enjoy.

Hostage, Kristina Ohlsson

Säpo, Sweden’s version of Homeland Security is trying to deport a terrorist, Zakaria Khelifi, nothing unusual about that, the man has been a person of interest in several terrorist operations and they’re finally about to send him back to his country of origin. Until a bomb threat paralyses the seat of government along with a demand to free Khelifi.

Justice Department analyst Fredrika Bergman used to work for the police and finds herself back in her old role liaising between her old partner Alex Recht, the government and the abrasive but brilliant Eden Lundell head of  Säpo. Now they face a new danger, a plane that took off from Arlanda airport that morning has called in a bomb threat. The plane, bound for New York City carries a full complement of passengers. The hijacker’s demands are impossible to complete without American assistance and this sets in motion a response that could leave blood on the FBI’s hands. The pilot refuses to set the plane down and Fredrika, Alex and Eden are in a race against time to find a solution before the plane runs out of fuel or gets blown out of the sky.

A richly complex edge of the seat thriller.

American Blood, Ben Sanders

New Mexico is a world away from New York City. Marshall Grade, former NYPD undercover cop; now in the witness protection program is supposed to be laying low out here, except Marshall isn't that type. A local girl, Alyce Ray has gone missing and she resembles someone Marshall cared about back when he had a badge so he sets out to find her. 

Marshall figures he'll be atoning for his many undercover sins. The night Alyce went missing she was seen at a club frequented by drug dealers so Marshal starts shaking down local drug lords, which is guaranteed to upset them and Lucas Cohen the witsec officer tasked with keeping Marshall alive and out of trouble. It also brings Marshall to the attention of some of the worst elements of his past, chiefly the mob assassin known as ‘The Dallas Man’.

Oct 23, 2015

The Reckoning, Carsten Stroud

Stroud's trilogy comes roaring to its conclusion. Nick and Kate Kavanaugh's adopted son Rainey Teague still has 'the devil in him' and Nick and Kate whose marriage barely survived his 'illness' the last time are walking on broken glass around the subject.

Niceville is gearing up for something, the disappeared are coming back, residents are acting strangely, some are wearing headphones twenty four seven. What are they listening to, or blocking out?

Charlie Danziger, the man who took two in the chest protecting Nick's partner, Mavis Crossfire, a year ago is most confused to find himself alive (sort of) and drawn towards a plantation run by Glynis Ruelle on which the Reckoning is to take place.

If none of this review makes sense, get yourself Niceville and Homecoming before reading this one. I have loved this weird, wonderful gothic horror show of a series. If you took a tale of the deep south, horror, supernatural, present day police procedural and indian legends; blitzed them in a blender, seasoned with a dash of humour and set it cooking you might have an inkling of how accomplished a writer Stroud is. Can't wait to see what Stroud comes up with next.

Oct 14, 2015

The Searcher, Simon Toyne

Solomon Creed just walked away from a plane crash, he only knows his name because it is sewn into the jacket he’s wearing. His past is clouded and his future could be very uncertain indeed because the town he’s walking towards, Redemption Arizona, holds many secrets. Secrets he must uncover to save a man named James Coronado, a man he has never met.

While Solomon may have some unusual skills, time travel isn’t one of them which is a shame because James Coronado was buried that morning. All Solomon has to help him is a book by the Reverend Jack Cassidy, Redemption’s founder and the help of Coronado’s widow, Holly.

The fire caused by the plane crash isn’t the only thing headed straight for Redemption, the plane was carrying a precious cargo and the man that cargo was destined for? Well to say he’ll be upset at losing it would be an understatement. If the fire doesn’t take out Redemption, he’ll  raze the town to the ground himself.

Toyne, author of the Sanctus series gives us the start of another taut page turner of a trilogy.

Ghostly, Audrey Niffenegger

Ghostly is a collection of ghost stories perfect for Halloween. Haunted houses, haunted cottages, paintings that move, magic and cats to name just a few, as told by masters of the genre including Poe, M.R James, Kelly Link, Neil Gaiman, P.G. Wodehouse, Saki and Niffenegger herself. Whether you want that sense of creeping unease, full on scares or a laugh or two there’s something for everyone here.