May 14, 2015

'Say yes' week the latest chapter

Regular readers will know that I like to shake things up a bit. In between writing reviews for June, keeping the website in shape and starting a new writing project and work I've gotten myself into a routine, some might say a rut. The perfect time for another 'say yes' week.

Next week, whatever it is, I'll say yes to it (anything legal that is, if you want to rob a bank you're on your own!)

Apr 8, 2015

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

One of my top five authors, Neil Gaiman is consistently inventive. From Sandman to American Gods and every place in between (Good Omens, the collaboration between Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is still a book that I can reread and find something new, I do not recommend taking it on a plane journey though, your laughter may annoy the person next to you) .

I picked up a copy of Trigger Warning weeks ago, another collection of short stories, with a warning at the front which is longer than most of the stories. Knowing that I had at least one Sherlock Holmes story and even a Doctor Who short to look forward to I planned to savour it one story at a time.

Didn't happen, I read the whole thing in one sitting. Trigger runs the gamut from a little poetry, to scary bedtime stories, skewed fairy tales, life changing honey, the battle of 2012  and Shadow (from American Gods) as well as the 11th Doc and Amy Pond and of course the world's greatest detective.

If you can read just one story and put the book down you have way more self control than I do. Just dive in, head first and enjoy Gaiman's playful imagination.

Apr 1, 2015

Killer Come Hither, Louis Begley

How far would you go to catch a killer?

Captain Jack Dana a  Marine brought home after being severely wounded in combat channels his experiences into writing.  His Uncle Harry, a partner in a leading New York law firm and closest thing Jack now has to a father gives Jack the space to write and the time to heal, he also helps him find a publisher. Jack is firmly in his debt and with two bestsellers under his belt, travels to Brazil to get to work on a third. Jack returns to terrible news, days after he left for Brazil, Harry hanged himself at his Sag Habour home. 

Harry's boss tells Jack that Uncle Harry was losing his mind and had to be retired to save his and the firm's reputation. Unable to swallow that line Jack starts to dig. Harry's remains now fit into an urn but he was smart enough to leave a trail for Jack to follow. With the help of Kerry Black, Harry's close associate and Scott Prentice, Jack's former college buddy turned CIA spook he traces Harry's death to one client in particular; a right wing blowhard who is about to take his network of companies public, while secretly continuing to fund terrorist organisations overseas. Before Jack can take him down he'll have to deal with a Slav hitman, vines of corruption that lead to the house and the senate and media slurs on his uncle's reputation. Jack uses those same media to set a trap for Harry’s killer, with himself as the bait.

Mar 25, 2015

Coming soon

I'd like to say a big thanks to all the new people coming to the blog this week. My Google Analytics report looks like a teenager's growth spurt right now. Welcome!

I'm reading The Whites by Harry Brandt and liking it so much that I'm going to do a video review.

Another new title, debut author Anne Flett-Giordano's Marry Kiss Kill, it screams 'beach read' in a really good way comes out in June. If Raymond Chandler and Chelsea Handler had a love child (fictionally speaking) it would be this book, good news is that Anne is hard at work on another, in between her TV writing (she has written for Frasier and Hot in Cleveland)

Another one to look out for is Brian Grazer's A Curious Mind, dropping in April. Grazer has been having what he calls 'curiosity conversations' (usually an hour long) with people ranging from Jim Lovell to former secretary of State Condeleeza Rice for years now. Pretty much since he entered the movie business; as a legal clerk delivering papers for Warner Brothers. And while a talk with Jim Lovell might have led to Apollo 13 becoming a movie it also was inspired by talks Grazer had with many others including Veronica De Negri, a  Chilean political prisoner whose incredible inner strength enabled her to survive unspeakable challenges.

These talks do not always go in the direction Grazer thinks they are going to, the ones with Isaac Asimov and Edward Teller would be prime examples.  You might think Grazer does this because he's well Brian Grazer movie producer but the truth is he's never not been curious. That curiosity, he feels is being bred out of our youth and this is his way of encouraging us to become curious all over again. If I were graduating this year I'd be intrigued and fascinated by this book.

Mar 23, 2015

Cool Books - the website

I name this website Cool Books. God bless her and all who sail in her.

Mar 11, 2015

Going live

Almost. Regular readers will notice a little addition on the top right of the blog. A link back to the website.  I have a couple of permissions to get on the book talk page and then we're on for launch. By all means hop over and have a look at the main page.

Mar 2, 2015

March is in like a lion

Reviews of lots of different genres this month, paranormal romance (Its MJ Rose, its good), history, bio and some cracking thrillers.