Jul 2, 2015

If you're looking to see what's new for July

Head on over to the website, as sometimes happens in this game, I only reviewed a couple of books coming in July. They are crackers so I'll do video reviews for both of them.

I've got two on the go at the moment, 'Crack99' by David Locke Hall . True crime, that reads like a thriller and Simon Toyne's 'The Searcher' (called Solomon Creed in UK, don't get why they changed the title.)

Jun 29, 2015

Brutality, Ingrid Thoft

Fina Ludlow the shoot-from-the-lip Boston PI is back. Bostonians are suffering in the grip of a brutally cold winter but someone slogged through it to attack soccer mom Liz Barone in her own kitchen. Liz is on life support and her mom, Bobbi hires Fina to track down the culprit; working alongside the police.

Lieutenant Pitney isn’t thrilled to have Fina poking around in Boston PD’s investigation and Fina isn’t thrilled that Detective Menendez is single again. 

Fina has a number of suspects including Liz’s husband, her former team mates, and her employer NEU. Liz played soccer for NEU and she was encouraged to play through injuries and concussions which have left her with cognitive difficulties and Liz was in the process of filing a lawsuit against the University. She also worked at a research lab on campus. 

Fina doesn’t just have problems with the case, her friend Risa’s long lost aunt is pressuring Risa for one of her kidneys and Risa is having second thoughts about donating and the Ludlows, two in particular, have designs on Fina’s niece Haley. Rand wants his daughter to visit him and his new girlfriend in Miami and Fina’s domineering mother is insisting that Haley go. Fina’s going to have to stamp on some toes to protect Haley and this time her actions may just blow up in her face.

Jun 11, 2015

Book Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes there are a lot of exclamation marks in the title and you would need a whole lot more to even come close to how thrilled I am that my amazing agent Judy has brokered a deal with Riverdale Avenue Books' Dagger imprint for three Nikki Doyle titles. We signed on the dotted line this week.

Way back when I was thinking of self pubbing, I got a Kirkus review done, bearing in mind that this was for a (allegedly) finished ms and we cut some storylines before arriving at a final final draft (like the graveside scene and the bad blood angle) it gives a pretty good flavour of Rollover.

For all the up to date news on publication, including dates, readings and all things Rollover head on over to FaceBook and  'friend' me or leave a comment with your email address and I will start compiling a mailing list (purely book related)

Here is the link to the Kirkus review if you want to check out my review on their site.

Jun 8, 2015

New for June

This month's crop includes, a new thriller by Jenny Milchman, the sophomore book from SJ Watson and a brand new debut with books, librarians, magic and circus folk from Erica Swyler. For the latest video reviews head back to the website and check out 'Live from the Arc Pile'
#5 Marry Kiss Kill and #6 Down Among the Dead Men coming soon

Second Life, S.J. Watson

In his second novel after the acclaimed ‘Before I go to Sleep’ Watson focuses on the dangers of online relationships. Julia used to be an up and coming photographer until her lover’s death in a Berlin squat sent her running back to England and into marriage with dull dependable Hugh. Life with Hugh, a heart surgeon, and their adopted teenage son Connor is smooth sailing until news hits that Julia’s younger sister Kate has been found dead in a Paris alleyway. Connor is Kate’s son and Kate had been making moves to get him back. 

At the funeral the family meets Anna, Kate’s flatmate. Anna reveals that she and Kate used to frequent online chatrooms to meet men for sex. Frustrated at the lack of information from Paris and struggling to deal with Kate’s death; Julia starts frequenting those same sites trying to draw out her sister’s killer. This second life is intoxicating, addicting and Julia has no idea that’s she’s the one being drawn out into the open... 

The Book of Speculation, Erika Swyler

Librarian Simon Watson's life is about to go over a cliff. His family home is this close to tumbling into the Long Island Sound, his job too. The book arrived just before that, unasked for, fragile and water stained, a present from a mysterious bookseller who found it at auction and somehow traced it to Simon.

Simon's family were circus folk, his sister Enola still is. Famed for the ability to hold their breath underwater for long periods of time the women in Simon's family still have an unfortunate habit of drowning. His mother died July 24th and according to the records in the book and his own research Simon learns that July 24th is a deadly date and begins to fear for his sister who turns up out of the blue as July 24th approaches.

Enola reads tarot cards, she still carries the pack her mother gave her, she comes with a heavily tattooed boyfriend and she keeps falling into trances. Simon delves into the book, the record of a travelling show from the 1700's, he uncovers magic, mystery, a love story that spans generations and the curse that rides along with it. Can he save Enola?

As Night Falls, Jenny Milchman

Sandy Tremont has a good life, a loving husband and a fickle teenage daughter Ivy but tonight two convicted felons aim to tear Sandy's world down brick by brick before fleeing for the Canadian border. The convicts didn't plan on a massive snow storm rolling in or on Ivy escaping into it. Will any of them survive the night?