Oct 1, 2015

Ben Aaronovitch

My colleague Wendy was living in London for several months this year and when she came back she brought a list of new authors we should try out. Aaronovitch is at the top of that list for me. His first book Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US) was the choice for 'London Reads'.

I never thought I'd say the words perfect blend of grown up Harry Potter and police procedural but that's about the size of it. In Aaronovitch's London, magic is a lost art, there is only one magician left, Thomas Nightingale and he's a Detective Inspector with the Met in charge of a department that investigates crimes that don't have a natural cause. West Indian PC Peter Grant comes to Nightingale's attention when he interviews a most unusual witness to a murder, a ghost. Peter becomes Nightingale's apprentice and a whole new world opens up to him, a world of ghosts, vampires, vestigium, magical spells and rivers like the Thames which have their own guardians and diplomatic problems. With enough plot twists and characters that you can't help liking this is a great series to get into if you're a fan of the Bryant and May series by Christopher Fowler or you grew up with Harry Potter.

The books so far are
Rivers of London (Midnight Riot)
Moon over Soho
Whispers Underground
Broken Homes
Foxglove Summer  

Sometimes one slips through the cracks

This is the problem with juggling so much stuff sometimes I drop a ball, In this case a big one.

The Drowning by Camilla Lackberg is out now and here is the blurb.

Fjallbacka resident Christian Thydell is a literary rising star. His novel, The Mermaid is having accolades heaped upon it and Erica Falck shares a publisher with him. Christian has been getting letters, threatening letters. Erica, heavily pregnant with twins, shares her concerns first with her husband, Detective Patrik Hedstrom; then with Gaby von Rosen, her and Christian's publisher. Patrik is juggling a slew of cases, working too hard to really take notice and Gaby feeds the story to the media to boost Christian's book sales.

When Patrik's missing persons case turns to murder and other close friends of Christian's are targeted, Erica is baffled. What is keeping them from talking, what secret are they willing to take to their graves rather than see it revealed. Only Christian knows the identity of the warped mind behind the letters and in order to protect his family he's decided he's going to give her exactly what she wants. And for Erica, tragedy is about to strike closer to home than she ever thought possible.

Sep 3, 2015

The Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler Olsen

I've had this arc less than a week, Olsen's work is compelling, he was my go to after I finished the Millennium Trillogy (and no I haven't read Girl in the Spider's Web, reviews are good but I'm still deciding) Here's the review for Hanging Girl.

A retiring police officer on Bornholm commits suicide in front of his colleagues and Rose blames Carl Morck. Carl did tell the officer that department Q was backed up with cases and couldn't accept his. Rose guilts Carl and Assad into going to Bornholm with her to investigate. What the trio find is an unsolved obsession, A young girl who died in a hit and run, her body found hanging in a tree. Carl reluctantly starts to dig into what turns out to be an electrifying case.

Other books that have just been published are In a Dark Dark Wood and Hollow Man. They are reviewed in the latest 'Live from the arc pile' podcast which went up on the website today, go check them out.

Sep 1, 2015

Legalese for overseas

Visitors, that is.

Google uses cookies and though they have tried to put a notice on my blog telling everyone this because I use some third party bits of code on the blog it didn't work. So here's the skinny, if you are reading this blog it is inserting some cookies into your browser as we speak. By continuing to read you are consenting to those cookies being added. You can remove cookies, I flush them out occasionally using a setting buried somewhere in the browser. I use Google Analytics because I'm interested in how many hits the blog and the website get on a daily basis and which countries my visitors are from.

Legalese complete. 

Aug 12, 2015

What I'm reading right now

Ghost stories, lots of them. For Halloween this year. Collections put together and contributed to by Audrey Niffenegger (Time Traveller's Wife) and John Connolly (Charlie Parker). Ghostly tales by Poe, MR James, Niffenegger herself, Neil Gaiman and many, many more, guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. Both these collections, Ghostly and Night Music Nocturnes Vol II will be out just in time for Halloween. Boo!

I don't normally read bios, but

Browsing through the arcs the other day I came across, You're Never Weird on the Internet by Felicia Day. Yes, that Felicia Day, the internet phenom. This is a great bio to give any kid who feels they haven't found their niche in life. Newsflash, you can create your own niche, that's what Felicia has done and in her quirky voice she tells you all about it. Imagine having coffee with your quirky best friend and you'll get the tone of this bio, it came out yesterday go pick one up.

Here is the review;

Felicia Day is a homeschooled, self admitted odd duck she credits not having her weirdness 'schooled' out of her as one of the reasons for her success.

Day is smart, super smart (she holds degrees in Physics and Maths, she got into UT on a music scholarship) but she never felt she fitted in anywhere. Day discovered computer games when you still had to type in commands and your gender wasn't an issue.

In 2006, as a jobbing actress  she wrote, financed, helped film and starred in web series 'The Guild'
(at the time, Kickstarter was still on the drawing board and all did Netflix was rent discs by mail). The Guild ran for six seasons, not bad for something that started on a shoestring budget.

Felicia's stories about being recognized on the street (or not and she's okay with that), being caught tweeting during a Comic Con panel for Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog (she was on the panel not in the audience!), her addiction to World of Warcraft and how when  the whole 'success' thing hit it almost buried her. Felicia is a great example of what you can do if you don't follow the rules and ignore the people who tell you that you can't do something because it doesn't fit the system or their established ideas of 'how things are done'.

Jul 31, 2015

If you like Jo Nesbo

And oh do I, those Scandinavian's know how to put readers on the edge of their seats. The name Kristina Ohlsson may already be familiar to you. I on the other hand just discovered her. Ohlsson's newest book, Hostage is published in November set in Sweden, the US and at 35.000 ft. The complex plot weaves together themes of terrorism, international espionage, and family with pace, skill and plenty of insider knowledge. Unwanted, Ohlsson's first book featuring analyst Fredrika Bergman is now on my to read list.