May 14, 2019

Never Game, Jeffery Deaver

“Anything you can do to find Fee, please!”

Frank Mulliner’s daughter Sophie has gone missing, the cops tag her as a runaway and so Frank’s offering a $10,000 reward for her safe return. Enter Colter Shaw the tracker son of a reclusive survivalist family. Soon Colter’s in deep, with trigger happy gamers, silicon valley tech titans and with the cops, who think he might’ve kidnapped Sophie himself. Colter realizes that someone is bringing the video game ‘Whispering Man’ into real life. There are ten levels, Sophie Mulliner was level one…

If She Wakes, Michael Koryta

It starts with a distracted driver. He ploughs into two people killing one and putting Hammel College student Tara Beckley into a coma.

Abby Kaplan is the insurance investigator sent to assess the scene and she’s convinced the accident was staged because Abby is, was, a professional stunt driver.

Tara, locked inside her own body can see and hear what’s going on in her hospital room. And she knows that she and her family are in danger from a baby faced assassin who has already left a trail of bodies and is targeting Abby.

May 8, 2019

Exhalation, Ted Chiang

This collection of the four time Hugo (and Nebula and Locus) award winner’s short stories are – as always – thought provoking and intelligent. He explores a mysterious portal that comes with a caveat, the legal rights of AIs, a talking sentient non-human earth species, parallel futures, language, free will, religion and robotic nannies, and more!

Apr 30, 2019

Invited, Jennifer McMahon

Hartsboro is a world away from suburban Connecticut. Nate and Helen have given up their teaching jobs to build their dream home in the countryside. To the residents of Hartsboro they’re ‘flatlanders’, to their young neighbour Olive they’re ruining her treasure hunting and to one former resident they, Helen especially, are a conduit into the town’s dark past. A past Helen seems determined to unearth, the legend of Hattie Breckenridge, who back in 1924 was hanged, as a witch.

Apr 22, 2019

A Woman of No Importance, Sonia Purnell

Ever heard the name Virginia Hall? No? Neither had I until I read this book.

Virginia Hall was an amazing woman but she carried out her operations without a military rank and sometimes in the face of less experienced 'superiors' who thought that war was just a game; their womanizing and lax security almost led to her downfall several times.

Virginia was one of first SOE agents sent into occupied France during WWII. Hall was American but the only diplomatic work the US could find for her was typing and filing so she offered herself to the Brits. Hall, who had the added problem of a wooden leg was suddenly in her element, posing as a Western journalist she filed stories from Paris for the New York Post and quietly set up several of the strongest resistance networks in SOE history.

Even after her cover was blown she managed to escape to Spain across the Pyrenees and after retraining in the U.K as a radio operator she re-entered France to organize a campaign of deadly guerrilla warfare and sabotage targeting divisions of German troops who would otherwise have been headed to Normandy.

Apr 9, 2019

The Last, Hanna Jameson

Twenty people marooned in a Swiss hotel at the end of the world as they know it. One of them could be a killer.

London, Scotland, Berlin, Washington DC and other major cities, vaporized in a flash. No electricity, no internet, winter drawing in, tensions rising amongst the survivors. In an attempt to hold on to his humanity, historian Jon Keller begins to document the stories of his fellow guests and with fellow American, the volatile student Tomi Harkaway, investigates the murder of a little girl found floating in a water tank on the hotel's roof.

For fans of Station Eleven and Dog Stars.

Apr 2, 2019

Lights All Night Long, Lydia Fitzpatrick

Russian exchange student Ilya is an enigma to the Louisiana family who are hosting him for a summer. In their land of Super Walmarts, free refills and Megachurches they can’t grasp what he left behind. The biting cold small refinery town of Berlozhniki, the shared rooms, the teacher who pushed him to succeed and her policeman husband. The local oligarch, whose money made Ilya’s trip to the States possible and his older drug-addicted brother Vlad, who is in prison for multiple murders; crimes Ilya is sure he didn’t commit.

Even from America, Ilya is determined to free his brother. It was their dream to come to America, together. Forging a connection with the Mason family’s oldest daughter, Sadie (who has secrets of her own). Ilya, Sadie and Sadie’s cousin start to track down the only foreigner who was in Berlozhniki at the same times the murders occurred, he has to be the real killer. Vlad left Ilya the evidence he needs to clear him, but will he hear it in time?