Jun 12, 2018

London Rules, Mick Herron

Everyone's favourite team of screw-up spies return. Whilst the 'real' spies are attempting to investigate the PM's favourite muslim who is about to become mayor of the West Midlands; someone is trying to kill slow horse Roderick Ho. Jackson Lamb concludes that Ho's been putting his digital paws where they don't belong. With Slough House in lockdown, Lady Di on the warpath and Ho's girlfriend (yes girlfriend!) on the run; Jackson Lamb's team looks done for. But don't count them out just yet, after all they've got JK Coe and a tin of paint.

I highly recommend reading these in order.

Slow Horses
Dead Lions
Real Tigers
Spook Street
London Rules

Jar of Hearts, Jennifer Hillier

Calvin James was the best and worst thing to happen to 16 year old Georgina Shaw. As they face each other across a courtroom fourteen years later, Geo testifies against the man now known as The Sweetbay Strangler. Her plea deal means five years in prison as an accessory to her best friend’s murder.

Five years later as Geo returns to Sweetbay, so it seems does Calvin James. Geo’s former childhood friend Kaiser, now a cop, struggles to catch James a second time and stop him from wiping out his past. Geo could help Kaiser, but prison has changed her, it taught her how to stay alive. She keeps a gun under her pillow and she won't hesitate to use it.

Yosemite Fall, Scott Graham

Archaeologist Chuck Bender and his young family are in Yosemite National Park to investigate a centuries old crime, two gold miners allegedly murdered by Indians during a prospecting trip but the accounts of the incident don’t tally up.

Hoping to mix business with pleasure Chuck plans to meet up with some of his old climbing buddies but the reunion starts on a sour note when one friend is hurt and another dies in suspicious circumstances and the rangers, well one ranger in particular, are determined to implicate Chuck.  

This isn’t Chuck’s only problem, his daughter, Carmelita has entered the wall climbing contest and has the skills to match opponents much older than herself which could put her in danger. Another engrossing national park mystery.

Bearskin, James McLaughlin

“The Sinaloa cartel thanks you…”

Rick Morton isn’t who he appears to be. Charged with protecting a wildlife preserve deep in the remote Virginia forest, he can stay hidden and he’s just beginning to relax when he’s lead to a bear carcass and begins a crusade against the poachers; a crusade that may prove his undoing. His do-it-yourself witsec program is no match for the cartel he bloodied the nose of and an aggrieved FBI agent is pointing them right at him

Jun 11, 2018

Author Life in...

Heading into Summer (we skipped Spring this year) and it’s a Summer of change, my favourite coffee shop- the one where I’ve written both the Mary Macs and at least two of the Lottery series has been bought out. The division my hubby works for has been bought by another company only nobody seems to know who they are; our kitty cat is having issues and we’ve got the outlaws descending on us in a couple of month’s time. So fun and games all around.
Still coming down off the high from launching ‘Shot of Treason’ late last month. Bookstore life is always fun, I honestly can’t remember a job where I’ve laughed as much.  However don’t be thinking that any shift is easy. On any given night we all have to pitch in and that can include everything from hauling chairs to putting out the trash and every combination in between.
Book three, there’s no working title yet, but I have the added challenge of a writing within a set of parameters. Certain things have to happen in #3 (spoilers sweetie!) to keep the continuity straight. I’ve already written and tossed several opening sequences.
Tech stuff is not my favourite thing. Joining goodreads and claiming my author page, well that was easy. Brushing up the website and getting the YouTube channel updated has taken me most of the morning.

Jun 5, 2018

Neverworld Wake, Marisha Pessl

Beatrice Hartley and her friends attended Darrow-Harker School; they were the cool kids, the mostly rich kids until Bea’s boyfriend Jim killed himself and then they fractured and Bea hasn’t seen the group in over a year. Their reunion is a mess of awkward silences and lame jokes as the evening careens to a close and the group narrowly survives a car accident; there’s a knock at the door. A stranger has arrived, he explains that the teens are snagged on a shard in time and only the hardest of decisions can set them free. Equal parts mystery and groundhog day.

Even though this is listed as YA/Edgy it easily fits into the mystery category.

The Word is Murder, Anthony Horowitz

Daniel Hawthorne is a disgraced detective. He ‘consults’ with the Metropolitan police helping to solve their more unusual cases. He thinks writer Anthony Horowitz should write a book about him and split the profits 50/50.

Horowitz, isn’t too fond of Hawthorne and almost rejects his proposal out of hand but the case Hawthorne is investigating is intriguing. A well-to-do woman visits a funeral home to plan her service, six hours later she’s murdered. Her famous son, actor Damian Cowper is coming home for the funeral and there are suspects galore for Hawthorne to question using his Northern ‘charm school’ technique. Will Hawthorne solve the case before someone, possibly Horowitz, attempts to shove him down a flight of stairs?