Sep 8, 2020

One by One, Ruth Ware

 Snoop is an app, a very profitable one and the major shareholders are holding a corporate retreat high in the French alps.  Cue backstabbing of Shakespearean proportions and that’s before the stage 5 natural disaster. Being trapped in a luxurious chalet with plenty of food just waiting to be rescued doesn’t sound so bad; except there’s a killer amongst the group, a blizzard raging outside and civility is starting to fray. No one is getting out of this unscathed-not even the staff.

I always say that the Ware's newest book is the best one yet and this is no exception.

Sep 6, 2020

Another Corona Update

 We are working so hard! 

Since my last update on the bookstore we've lost several more staff - they're teachers so they are back teaching and our students have gone back to College and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they all remain healthy. In the last week Salt Lake City moved from orange to yellow (which is lower risk but not no risk) so more stores are opening their doors. Problem is we are tiny, social distancing is pretty much impossible. We are still wearing masks and sanitizing but our orders, especially the internet variety dropped off.

We've had quite a bit of publicity and that may have hurt us because it seemed like we were doing well, even thriving behind our closed doors. 

We've been in bad spots before but this we realized could be the end. We did get the PPP loan but that money is long gone and while congress and the senate take a vacation, all over the country small business are going to the wall. Whilst the corporations can ride this out, small businesses can't.

Anyway, we asked for help and boy did we get it. We're hip deep in internet orders once again for our 'do your Christmas Shopping in September' campaign. It remains to be seen how this shakes out as we only have a certain amount of staff to process these orders but the community is showing their love for our little bookstore and our fingers are flying across our keyboards to send that love back out to our loyal customers.

Aug 4, 2020

Eighth Detective, Alex Pavesi

Editor Julia Hart travels to a stunning but remote Greek island. Her firm, Blood Type Books is eager to republish a series of murder mysteries by now retired mathematician Grant McAllister based on his research paper The Permutations of Detective Fiction.

Julia’s job is to go over the stories with him and write a new intro. She finds Grant charming but secretive and his mysteries, like his life, have inconsistencies that Julia finds maddening so she turns to his stories to find the truth, and then she sets a trap...

Jun 25, 2020

Execution, S.J Parris

The latest in this series of fascinating historical mysteries featuring former Italian monk Bruno Giordano, the heretic turned spy in the service of England.

Bruno’s self imposed French exile has come to an end. Sent back to England to his old spymaster Walsingham with news of a plot to murder a queen. He is asked to infiltrate the conspiracy posing as a Spanish priest. Walsingham’s past double dealings have come back to haunt him whilst Bruno’s past, in the comely form of Sophia Underhill,  may prove to be his undoing.

N.B. If you haven't read this series start with 'Heresy'

Jun 16, 2020

Mesa Verde Victim, Scott Graham

1891 Colorado: Joey leaves the Cannon farm on a secret mission for a foreign archaeologist-never to return.

Present Day Durango: Chuck Bender and his brother in law Clarence become suspects in a friend’s murder on the same day that another colleague summons Chuck to a private dig close to Mesa Verde national park. The team’s findings could rock the archaeological world to its foundations if they live to tell about them.

Jun 15, 2020

Shakespeare For Squirrels, Christopher Moore

Moore has taken A Midsummer Night’s Dream and turned it into a wickedly funny bawdy whodunnit.

Pocket is the ‘hero’ of this tale; a professional Fool, who is quite handy with a throwing knife. Cast adrift by his latest lady love, Pocket and co are sunk and almost drowned on the shores of Athens.

Pocket is saved by fairies and then set upon by the watch commander. He must solve the murder of one Robin Goodfellow. At stake, the life of Pocket’s apprentice. Most of the suspects will be very familiar to fans of the bard. The denouement is both bloody and hilarious, and did I mention squirrels?

Devolution, Max Brooks

House sitting at Green Loop - a small exclusive planned community in the Cascades - is just what Kate Holland needs. Fresh air, nature out your window. Mount Rainier in the distance. Yes it’s isolated, supplies come in by drone but it’s also self-sufficient, solar powered and high tech. Kate starts journaling to have fodder for her Skype therapy sessions, while husband Dan hunches over his IPad.

No one at Green Loop expected Mount Rainier to erupt and what it unleashed wasn’t just ash clouds and boiling mudslides...

Months later Kate’s journal is discovered in the devastated remains of Green Loop. That journal and interviews with Kate’s brother, Frank and Senior Ranger Josephine Schell enable Max Brooks,author of World War Z to piece together what happened and who-or what was responsible and the lines between fiction and non-fiction are officially blurred.