Nov 10, 2020

Moonflower Murders, Anthony Horowitz

 If you loved Magpie Murders you’re going to love this!

 Even in death, writer Alan Conway continues to plague former editor Susan Ryeland. His creation, Atticus Pund seems to be the key to the disappearance of a Dorset woman whose parents own a country hotel. A version of that hotel and its guests and employees turns up in Conway’s third book, inspired by a real-life murder.

 Susan, up to her neck in hotel problems leaves Crete and her partner Andreas for England to investigate, spurred on by the promise of some much needed funds and a chance to get a semblance of her old life back. She finds a cast of suspects who wouldn’t look out of place in an Agatha Christie novel, a brace of red herrings and a very clever killer. Again it’s two books for the price of one and this time there’s no missing last chapter!

Nov 3, 2020

Man In The Microwave Oven, Susan Cox

Six months after the events of Man on the Washing Machine, Theo Bogart is doing the long-distance relationship thing with Ben and settling into her San Francisco community; so it's a shock  when a blackmailer threatens to expose her true identity and promptly meets a sticky end.

 Theo and the other residents become suspects and days later a mysterious foreigner shows up at Theo’s shop looking for her Grandfather, causing all manner of family secrets to come tumbling out of the closet along with another body.

 With those she loves now at risk, Theo is determined to find a connection between the victims. Is it espionage, embezzlement, love, real estate, wine, wimples? And could this put her in the killer’s sights?

Oct 8, 2020

Another corona update

The last post about the bookstore was about us being inundated with orders well then Mother Nature threw us a curveball.

Utah gets canyon winds every once in a while I think the last time was 2011, anyway they sound lovely don't they?

So around Sept 8th we had canyon winds overnight and the reality is that the wind funnels through the canyons which speeds it up so that it comes out the mouth of the canyons at under hurricane force but still strong enough to do damage. We clocked gusts of 110 miles an hour, that's CAT1 hurricane strength! The old growth trees in Utah were uprooted, trees fell on our neighbour's houses and knocked out the power at TKE and lots of other local homes and businesses in the Sugarhouse area. Meanwhile the orders continued to pour in to the store because the internet still works if you've got power and lots of people in Utah and around the country didn't lose theirs. 

Cut to four days later, the power was restored and our small band of staff rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We've been very honest, telling customers that their orders might be delayed and they have been wonderful and the best news is that we are getting caught up because staff members are working on orders and paperwork that would normally done in-store at home on their days off. It's a bit Heath-Robinson but it appears to be working. And now back to more paperwork..... 

Oct 6, 2020

Searcher, Tana French

 This is the standalone I've been waiting for!

 Not long after Cal Hooper moves to a picturesque village in the west of Ireland he gets a visitor. A young kid, obviously local. Though he doesn’t know the boy, the kid knows about him; the village telegraph has seen to that. An in-commer, especially an American is going to raise some eyebrows and Carl’s a divorced ex-cop. The kid wants help finding a runaway sibling and Cal agrees to poke around but this new community is tight-knit and tugging on one string could unravel his new life before it even begins.

Sep 8, 2020

One by One, Ruth Ware

 Snoop is an app, a very profitable one and the major shareholders are holding a corporate retreat high in the French alps.  Cue backstabbing of Shakespearean proportions and that’s before the stage 5 natural disaster. Being trapped in a luxurious chalet with plenty of food just waiting to be rescued doesn’t sound so bad; except there’s a killer amongst the group, a blizzard raging outside and civility is starting to fray. No one is getting out of this unscathed-not even the staff.

I always say that the Ware's newest book is the best one yet and this is no exception.

Sep 6, 2020

Another Corona Update

 We are working so hard! 

Since my last update on the bookstore we've lost several more staff - they're teachers so they are back teaching and our students have gone back to College and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they all remain healthy. In the last week Salt Lake City moved from orange to yellow (which is lower risk but not no risk) so more stores are opening their doors. Problem is we are tiny, social distancing is pretty much impossible. We are still wearing masks and sanitizing but our orders, especially the internet variety dropped off.

We've had quite a bit of publicity and that may have hurt us because it seemed like we were doing well, even thriving behind our closed doors. 

We've been in bad spots before but this we realized could be the end. We did get the PPP loan but that money is long gone and while congress and the senate take a vacation, all over the country small business are going to the wall. Whilst the corporations can ride this out, small businesses can't.

Anyway, we asked for help and boy did we get it. We're hip deep in internet orders once again for our 'do your Christmas Shopping in September' campaign. It remains to be seen how this shakes out as we only have a certain amount of staff to process these orders but the community is showing their love for our little bookstore and our fingers are flying across our keyboards to send that love back out to our loyal customers.

Aug 4, 2020

Eighth Detective, Alex Pavesi

Editor Julia Hart travels to a stunning but remote Greek island. Her firm, Blood Type Books is eager to republish a series of murder mysteries by now retired mathematician Grant McAllister based on his research paper The Permutations of Detective Fiction.

Julia’s job is to go over the stories with him and write a new intro. She finds Grant charming but secretive and his mysteries, like his life, have inconsistencies that Julia finds maddening so she turns to his stories to find the truth, and then she sets a trap...