Apr 18, 2018

Blowing my own trumpet for a change

A Shot of Treason, the second in the Mary Maccallan series is out now! (A Case of Espionage is lurking behind it.)
If you live in the Salt Lake area come and hang out with me and bunch of other book nerds to discuss, hear me read at least one funny scene and get your copy signed.

Event details 7:00 p.m Wednesday April 25th at The King's English 1511 South 1500 East.

Apr 17, 2018

Saint of Wolves and Butchers, Alex Grecian

1951, war criminal Rudolph Bormann hides away in a Kansas backwater town setting up a mini fatherland in his enemy’s back yard.

2018, acting on a witness tip, Travis Roan and Bear his faithful companion have come to Kansas seeking Bormann and a missing employee from the Roan Foundation. Travis is pulled over by State Trooper Skottie Foster and while she seems helpful the local Sheriff wants to run Roan out of town. What horrors hide in the blandness of Paradise Flats, home of The Purity Church?

Apr 10, 2018

Noir, Christopher Moore

Sammy the San Francisco bartender meets Stilton (a.k.a the cheese) and he’s a goner. Narrated alternately by Sammy and Petey, a scaly operator, this 1940s yarn revolves around Sammy’s attempts to set up a lucrative business sideline using Petey; and ‘taxmen’ in black (sunglasses optional) tasked with ‘removing’ anyone aiding and abetting an alien escapee.

You’ll meet General Remy, Lonius, jazz trumpeter and wannabe FBI agent, Lou, child and self-appointed pain in Sammy’s ass. Sal, the crooked bar owner and Pookie, the on-the-take cop. It’s Looney Toons meets Project Blue Book with a dash of Chandler and, oh yeah, one very PO’d black mamba.

All the Beautiful Lies, Peter Swanson

Alice Ackerson (neĆ© Moss) is a Kennewick Maine native. Four years ago she married Bill Ackerson and now she has had to tell Bill’s son Harry that his father is dead. She wants Harry at her side and a devastated Harry obliges because Alice is all the family he has left but this being a Peter Swanson novel things are never as they seem...

Apr 3, 2018

MacBeth, Jo Nesbo (Hogarth Shakespeare Series)

As befits the ‘Scottish play’ Nesbo makes Inspector MacBeth head of SWAT in a rainy 1970s drug riddled town near Inverness. Lady is a casino owner and MacBeth’s lover. Duncan is the new idealistic police chief and Banquo, MacBeth’s second in command.

Let the betrayal and manipulations begin.

Too Close To Breathe, Olivia Kiernan

Tana French meets Patricia Cornwell in this debut case for DI Frankie Sheehan. Murder in a posh Dublin suburb, the victim enigmatic Eleanor Costello. Her husband? Nowhere to be found. 

Frankie’s first case after her return from medical leave is proving to be anything but open and shut. As the suspect pool grows so does the body count and Frankie dangles herself as bait on a dark web site called ‘Black Widow’ not realizing that Eleanor’s killer has some unfinished business…

with Frankie.

Mar 20, 2018

Orphan Monster Spy, Matt Killeen

Ursula Haller, blonde blue-eyed and the perfect little spy is about to infiltrate an elite boarding school for Nazi general’s daughters. Her mission, to befriend the daughter of a top scientist and gain intelligence on the terrifying device he is thought to be creating.

Ursula’s identity is a fake, but her real name, Sarah, would instantly mark her as Jewish. She’s survived Kristallnacht and seen her mother shot dead when the pair tried to crash through a checkpoint. Sarah’s young life has been rife with challenges but

Rothenstadt Academy; a school where the students have more power than the adults, could be the death of her.