Jan 22, 2019

Golden Tresses of the Dead, Alan Bradley

Arthur W.Dogger & Associates have landed their first client, asked to retrieve stolen letters of an ‘inappropriate nature’ by a Mrs. Prill daughter of the famous, wealthy and currently hospitalized Dr. Brocken. Dogger and Flavia are told they come 'highly recomended'.

Flavia is on the case, however she’s also pursuing the miscreant who left a nasty surprise in Feely and Dieter’s wedding cake and an even nastier one in Mrs Prill's pantry.

The Suspect, Fiona Barton

Reporter Kate Walters and her young protege, Joe get the scoop on a couple of missing teens courtesy of her old contact DI Bob Sparkes. The 18 year olds went on a three month backpacking tour in Thailand and haven’t posted on social media for over a week. Both sets of parents are going crazy but how well do they know their daughters?

For Kate the story has a very personal connection, her oldest is also travelling in Thailand and she hasn't seen him for over two years. A nasty twist of fate propels Kate and her family to the front page and not under her byline.

Gutter Prayer (Black Iron Legacy #1), Gareth Hanrahan

Cari was a sneak thief, a runaway until the falling Tower of Law in Guerdon made her a saint. She and her friends Spar and Rat were supposed to take the fall while another faction stole a god. Far below, the tunnel dwellers; guardians of an ancient gate that holds back unspeakable evil plot with factions on the surface and high above, the Black Iron Gods sense their impending release. 

Only Cari with the help/hindrance of a rag-tag bunch of cut-throats, a dabbling alchemist, Eladora, Cari’s bookish cousin and a very tired but pissed off saint named Aleena can hold the Black Iron Gods in check and save the city.

Jan 15, 2019

Last Woman Standing, Amy Gentry

Stand-up comedy is a tough business at the best of times. For Dana Diaz it’s even harder. Chased from the bright lights of LA she returned to Austin, Texas to regroup. It’s been a year and things have started to change. On the eve of the biggest stand up comedy shoot out in Austin; Dana meets a new friend. Amanda works in tech so she is also a woman in a man’s world, she has an agenda of revenge and she wants Dana to help her. As Dana’s star rises, the lines between revenge and murder start to blur because as every good comic knows, on stage you have to kill...

Jan 8, 2019

Nowhere Child, Christian White

When a child goes missing it rarely ends well. Sammy Went vanished from her bedroom in Manson, Kentucky when she was just two years old. Everyone thought she was dead.

Kim Leamy is convinced that the earnest American who approaches her in Melbourne has her mixed up with someone else, she’s never even been to America. As she digs deeper, a disturbing truth comes to light along with genetic proof that she is Sammy Went. 

Returning to Manson is the worst thing she could do because all small towns have their secrets...

Burglar. Thomas Perry

Thieving in Beverly Hills is keeping Elle Stowell from getting a real job but her burglary career may be coming to a sudden end. Elle walks in on a blood-soaked murder scene at a wealthy art dealer’s house and there’s a snuff tape with Elle as a walk on and live part at the end so she steals, doctors and returns the tape. Doing that causes Elle to go from thief to target. The police have no leads so she uses her skills to investigate why somebody with a lot of resources wants her dead.

Book Artist, Mark Pryor

Ambassador Taylor is due to attend the opening of an art show at the Dali museum and wants his head of security by his side. Hugo Marston is less than thrilled, he was hoping to have a quiet word with Claudia, his on again, off again journalist girlfriend about the state of their relationship. That is put on hold when an attendee is murdered and the policeman in charge of the investigation not only refuses Hugo’s help, he makes a rapid arrest of someone that Hugo is convinced is innocent.

Meanwhile Tom Green is still chasing paroled felon Rick Colfer and a tip takes him to Amsterdam where Colfer gets the drop on Tom and then comes after a devastated Hugo…