Nov 6, 2018

Forever and a day, Anthony Horowitz

007 is dead, found floating face down in the harbor in Marseilles. He was investigating a puzzling anomaly in the drug trade and back in London M has to select his successor.

James Bond is about to become a double O.

Oct 16, 2018

Forbidden Door, Dean Koontz

The Arcadians use their media to paint rogue FBI agent Jane Hawk as the worst kind of murderer. They also intend to ‘adjust’ Clare and Ancel Hawk to back up their fake narrative. Jane knows nothing of this, she is driving like hell to rescue her five year old son Travis because if he is captured Jane’s spirit and heart will be broken.

Jane’s rescue plan brings some strange bedfellows together, criminals, former law enforcement and an old retired wig maker. What she doesn’t know is that in their haste to flood the remote area where Travis is hidden  with ‘adjusted people’ the Arcadians have made a mistake, one that could play to Jane and her team’s advantage if it doesn’t kill them first.

Oct 9, 2018

Mycroft and Sherlock, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

London 1872; young Sherlock Holmes is driving his brother Mycroft to distraction. He has developed an interest in macabre crimes, like the series of unsolved murders currently plaguing the capital. Mycroft tries to distract him, but the older Holmes soon finds himself investigating the same case as Sherlock from a different angle. Only problem is that neither Holmes will communicate with the other and their failure to pool their considerable resources is going to get one of them killed. Abdul-Jabbar’s characters leap off the page, a cracking good read.

Marylebone Drop, Mick Herron

Herron's perfect short is set in a wintry London, there are spies and The Park and The Hub and of course the devious Lady Di and a new candidate for Slough House?

Fischers cafe in London isn't the place you'd normally witness anything odd. Except Solomon Dortmund knows odd, noticing odd things has kept him alive in a very dangerous business. Even though Solly is long retired, his tradecraft is etched into his old bones and he knows a drop when he sees one.

John Batchelor is an also-ran spook who does the 'milk run', he has one shining star on his resume, the recruitment of BND asset 'Snow White'. John's job is to keep the old spies comfortable in their dotage. In five years or less his job will just disappear. Running an agent isn't something The Park thinks John is capable of but Solly's information is about to change John's life...

Witch Elm, Tana French

Toby has always coasted through life, happy go lucky knowing that if he falls flat on his face, his parents will come running. Only his luck might’ve run out. After a night out with his mates, Toby disturbs a couple of burglars and they beat the hell out of him leaving him for dead.

The police assigned to his case are not exactly sympathetic. Toby is playing down his injuries, guzzling painkillers to keep functioning and about to step into an even worse situation when he and his devoted girlfriend are talked into babysitting Uncle Hugo at his big old house in the country.

N.B. This is a standalone novel, not part of the Dublin Murder Squad series.

Sep 11, 2018

Nomad, James Swallow

A mole in British Intelligence is putting ex naval officer Mark Dane’s team, family and life at risk. He’s not team leader, he’s an analyst, the ‘man in the van’ watching over his team mates; quite happy to watch them do the rough stuff. But then the team, codenamed Nomad, is ambushed and Mark gets the blame. As a hastily erected frame is put up around him by the mole, Mark goes on the run. 
He comes to the attention of Rubicon operative Lucy Keyes. Rubicon aren’t a terrorist organization but they aren’t exactly legal either. And they and Mark might be the only ones who can possibly prevent the assassination of a world leader on Lucy’s home soil with thousands of innocent bystanders as collateral damage.

Sep 4, 2018

The Thirty-One Kings, Robert J. Harris

John Buchan’s hero returns.

1940, the allied troops have been rescued at Dunkirk but Paris is about to fall to the Nazis and in Britain, Churchill is in danger of being ousted by interests who want the UK to roll over and surrender. Retired General Richard Hannay is still eager to serve his country in any way he can; except his country seems to have no use for him. Until Hannay and a close knit group of young Scots called the ‘Die Hards’ are recruited to rescue a valuable asset code-named ‘Roland’. Paris is a city full of danger and to rescue ‘Roland’ Hannay will have to walk straight into the lion’s den.