Jun 13, 2017

The Space Between The Stars, Anne Corlett

In a Universe very similar to ours the governments of the world decided to solve their overcrowding problems by deporting certain ethnic groups and lower class citizens to outer space. Jamie Allenby, a white English woman felt so strongly about this that she and a large group of protesters went out there with them.

Over a decade later Jaime is estranged from her partner, Daniel and working as a veterinarian on far flung Soltaire. With scant warning a deadly mutating virus; coming seemingly from nowhere, strikes the colonists, and Jamie, who was certain the virus would kill her, is one of a handful of survivors. Humanity has been decimated and Jamie along with other survivors decides to go back to Earth. Picked up by a cargo freighter she and the others on board will have to work together, putting their various agendas aside in order to reach home.

And is Earth really the safe haven they believe it to be?

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