Apr 10, 2018

Noir, Christopher Moore

Sammy the San Francisco bartender meets Stilton (a.k.a the cheese) and he’s a goner. Narrated alternately by Sammy and Petey, a scaly operator, this 1940s yarn revolves around Sammy’s attempts to set up a lucrative business sideline using Petey; and ‘taxmen’ in black (sunglasses optional) tasked with ‘removing’ anyone aiding and abetting an alien escapee.

You’ll meet General Remy, Lonius, jazz trumpeter and wannabe FBI agent, Lou, child and self-appointed pain in Sammy’s ass. Sal, the crooked bar owner and Pookie, the on-the-take cop. It’s Looney Toons meets Project Blue Book with a dash of Chandler and, oh yeah, one very PO’d black mamba.

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