Oct 29, 2010


Sleep - I hate you.  I've been cramming my days full so that I don't have to think about my looming deadline.  Nov 1st - no not Nanowrimo! - that's when I get to see the copy of my ms, and know what edits I'll have to make.

So last night I had a horrible dream, my editor ( a bloke - my editor is a lady) gave me back the manuscript and the pages were bleeding, letters dripping onto the floor.  The he balled up the pages one by one and threw them at me, saying in this horrible soft voice, ' it's crap, it's crap'  

Now the idea lingers, and I have to ask myself why am I doing this?

The answer, because I thought it would be fun and don't get me wrong the writing part is fun.  So I'm going to silence my snide inner critic, work my myself to sleep and not eat cheese tonight.

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