Oct 14, 2010

Uprisings for the Earth : Osprey Orielle Lake

We all know about global warming, the green revolution, recycling and renewable energy and here most people yawn, plug in their mp3 player and go back to sleep.  ‘Our government or our scientists will save us,’ they say, ‘that’s why I voted for them.’

Lake doesn’t feel that way, her message and it’s a timely one is that we need to re-acquaint ourselves with the planet we’re currently polluting to death. 

Civilizations much older and - I would say - wiser than ours revered the land, shared a deep connection with it.  Our generation treats the planet like an all-you-can-eat buffet and we're about to get the bill.

Lake isn’t saying that we should tear down our cities and go back to living in caves, she’s suggesting that we are the solution to our own problems. Individually or in small groups we can come up with solutions that big business can’t or won’t implement.  Her argument is persuasive, her words poetic, her stories compelling.  

Further reading
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