Mar 6, 2018

Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions, Mario Giordano (John Brownjohn)

Poldi has just hit sixty and decides to move from Munch to Sicily to be near family and drink herself into oblivion with a sea view fate, however has other ideas. Told through the eyes of her nephew, who visits every few weeks, Poldi, Donna Poldina to the locals, needs a handyman and is provided with Valentino, not long after fixing her roof Valentino goes missing and turns up shot to death three days later. Poldi, whose father was Chief of Police in Augsburg, is determined to avenge his death. 

She competes against the local police, notably Montana, who, according to Poldi has Greek god looks and romantic potential. Poldi may be a woman of a certain age but she combines the fashion sense of Sophia Loren with the laser brain of Miss Marple. Valentino’s murderer doesn’t stand a chance.

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