Mar 6, 2018

Crimson Lake, Candice Fox

Crimson Lake is no stranger to tragedy. The small Australian town out in the boonies had the ‘Kissing Point’ killing. Teen Amanda Pherrell stabbed a classmate to death and with her prison time served she returned home and set up a detective agency. Now she’s investigating the disappearance of local novellist Jake Scully with the help of disgraced former detective Ted Conkaffey who was accused (but never convicted) of kidnapping and harming a little girl.

Amanda’s got a nose for this kind of work, she’s got an aversion to cars, a menagerie of cats and a Ted with a broken wing. Will Ted be run out of town or eaten by a croc before they solve Scully’s case? Amanda doesn’t know; and Ted? well Ted is dodging big city reporters and local cops while he digs into the case and Amanda’s killer past, because he can’t reconcile that with the whip smart investigator he’s getting to know.

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