Apr 22, 2011

Rules to write by

Rule number one, never write during a thunderstorm.  It will make you worry that the power is going to go down, which leads me to rule two.  Always, always save your work, and always always check that said work appears on the memory stick you think you saved it to.  Break either of these rules and you - like me yesterday afternoon - could lose four hours worth of writing.

I plundered the arcs cupboard on my last shift, once I've finished the Dana Stabenow, I have Stagestruck by Peter Lovesey and Original Sin by Beth McMullen -oh and the fourth PJ Tracy book 'Snowblind' just came in.


Sonia said...

You are so right about saving your work, you just never know when technology is going to fail you. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost 4 hours of work. Hopefully, you have a backup somewhere in your memory.

Mystery Girl said...

It actually worked out ok - I still had the basic outline in my head so I just re-constructed it on my laptop. I'm sure I missed some stuff out but it wasn't a complete disaster:-)