Nov 26, 2010

So far I like Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall - I was reluctant to start it but so far I'm enjoying it.  Of course I know the he = Cromwell trick.  I can see how it could drive you nuts trying to figure out who he was but still.  Also forgot how good Stella Rimmington is - Dead Line is modern day, spy stuff, mainly set in London and Scotland, a shadowy entity is out to blacken Syria's name and disrupt peace talks taking place in Gleneagles Scotland.  Liz Carlyle and the boys and girls at MI5 are out to stop them with the help - or hindrance - of MI6 and the US embassy in Grosvenor Square.  Rimmington - as I know from her first Carlyle novel - doesn't tell stories with everything neatly tied in a bow at the end so I'm letting this one unfold.

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