Sep 1, 2011

The Lantern, Deborah Lawrenson

Nestled in the heart of Provence, Les Genévriers is a run-down but idyllic farm house.  Newly wed Eve falls in love with the place the moment she sees it.  All summer she only has eyes for Dom – the man she calls the best thing that ever happened to her – as they explore the house and grounds and uncover many of its secrets – but not all.  With the passion cooling on their whirlwind romance, Eve starts to look into the history of the house and probe Dom’s reticence to talk about his first wife Rachel and strange things start happening.  Has Dom been here before?  Is the house haunted by a ghost and what is that intoxicating perfume?  Why won’t Dom talk about his first marriage?  Is Eve in danger? Les Genévriers’ rugged beauty veils a terrible secret, one the locals have suspected for decades, one that holds Bénédicte Lincel there still.

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