Oct 24, 2012

Thoughts on ‘Seduction’

Don’t panic I haven’t gone all romance novelist on you, Seduction is the title of the new MJ Rose novel. As regular readers of this blog will know, I love Rose’s novels, they engage me, tweak my imagination and lead to some fascinating bookstore conversations. The one that sticks with me being the comment a visitor (not a regular) to the store made after I’d told her how much I liked the last book (Book of Lost Fragrances)

She said, “you don’t actually believe in that stuff do you?”

That stuff being reincarnation. I told her I didn’t disbelieve it, and that after reading ‘fragrances’ I’d gone on to read about the perfumer’s art, the new bio of Cleopatra, several books based in France, what I now refer to as a book cascade.

So the book cascade from Seduction? So far it includes other works by Victor Hugo or a biography of the man and Celtic Myths and legends from the Isle of Jersey.

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