May 31, 2016

Before The Fall, Noah Hawley

The OSPRY 45XR sits on a private runway at Martha's Vineyard ready to receive passengers, tonight it's a media mogul and his family, their private security a couple of their wealthy friends and Scott Burroughs, a middle aged artist whose time might be about to come and it does, just not in the way he intended. Sixteen minutes after takeoff the plane plunges into the ocean killing all on board except Scott and four year old JJ who are both tossed into the spin cycle of the twenty four hour news stations.

The NTSB and the FBI are involved almost immediately and Scott is their only witness and one news channel in particular, ALC, is presenting speculation as fact painting Scott not as the humble hero but as the cause of the crash. Amongst all the distortion and lies peddled by ALC a real investigation is progressing but even they are swayed when they see the subjects of Scott's paintings.

Hawley mixes the backstories of the other passengers and crew on the plane with the consequences of the crash. JJ is now the sole heir to a massive fortune, his aunt Ellie wants what's best for the boy whereas her greedy husband thinks they can treat JJ like an ATM spending the boy's inheritance as their own. A great summer read.

btw This is the same Noah Hawley who created and wrote the multi award winning TV show 'Fargo'. He clearly has the measure of the FOXs and CNNs of this world. Our news is much less fact and more spin and speculation and talking points; with the right spin they can turn and saint into a sinner and vice-versa.

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