Jun 1, 2016

Grunt : The Curious Science Of Humans At War, Mary Roach

Coming from the author of Bonk, Spook, Packing for Mars etcetera you know that Grunt is going to be a mix of science, whit and ‘eww!’. This book isn’t going to tell you how to treat PTSD or build a more lethal weapon. What it will do is give you an insight into what scientists can do to keep our military personnel healthy.

From fabrics that will stop them bursting into flames, to ear protection that won’t leave them deaf at the end of their operational tour; with a quick trip into the attempted development of shark repellent and operational stink bombs. On a more serious note, Mary highlights an injury that most of us have never heard of (warning it will make grown men cross their legs!) tells us about ‘surgeon’ maggots, gets sleep deprived on a submarine and explains the sound submariners don’t want to hear at 300ft down at sea. Roach takes us along for the ride, seatbelts and sick bags optional.

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