May 17, 2016

Lost and Gone Forever, Alex Grecian

Walter Day stepped into Jack The Ripper’s carriage and fell off the face of the earth. Most of his old colleagues at Scotland Yard have stopped looking for him, thinking him dead. Walter’s wife, Clare and his ex-colleague Nevil Hammersmith are the only two who believe Walter is still alive.

One year later Nevil is running a private enquiry agency, Clare is his only client until an employee of Plumm’s department store goes missing and his brother hires Hammersmith and his assistant Hatty Pitt to locate the missing man. At the same time Walter Day, a much changed Walter Day, escapes his prison and the secret society that Walter’s mentor was involved with hire a pair of foreign assassins to take care of Jack before he can kill the rest of their members. What could possibly go wrong?

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