May 24, 2016

Smoke, Dan Vyleta

Smoke is set in an alternative Victorian England. 

Public Schoolboys Charlie and Thomas have never known a time before people smoked. Literally black or grey smoke issues from a person’s body when they commit a sin. 

Church and Parliament have declared that Smoke and the filthy soot it generates are a mark of the low born. The capital, London is awash with it. The wealthy do not smoke, they have the means to purchase ‘sweets’ to protect them from the effects of the smokers or are those ‘sweets’ a means of suppressing their own smoke?

Thomas’ patron, Baron Naylor invites Thomas and Charlie to spend Christmas with him at his isolated country estate. Here they meet Lady Naylor, her daughter Livia and son Julius. Lady Naylor swears them to secrecy regarding the ‘experiments’ she and her son are carrying out. Charlie, fearing for Thomas’ safety enlists Livia’s help to run away from the Naylors.  Attacked and pursued across country by revolutionaries and religious fanatics, the children head for London. Can they get there in time to stop a revolution or maybe to start one.

The concept of 'Smoke' is such a fascinating one, in the world of smoke passion and love cause you to emit smoke albeit smoke of a different colour. Emotion as sin? How would we conduct ourselves in day to day life with such a visual medium showing our every emotion. Makes you think doesn't it?

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