Jul 31, 2016

Dark Matter, Blake Crouch

What if instead of travelling in time we could travel to alternate universes, that’s the theory that Jason Dessen thought was going to win him the prestigious Pavia prize, except life got in the way and he’s now a husband to Daniela, a father to Charlie. Those dreams are long gone, they dried up when his funding did. Now he’s a physics teacher and he’s just been kidnapped.

Scared out of his wits by a man who seems to know him, a man who sticks a needle in him and shoves him into some kind of box. When Jason wakes up he’s in Chicago just not his Chicago, the Jason in this reality is super smart, has no emotional ties and works with some very scary people; people who wouldn’t think twice about killing him if they knew he wasn’t their Jason. Can he escape? And if he does what unforeseen consequences might be triggered in his search for his own reality. Dark Matter is more thoughtful sci-fi but with plenty of twists and turns that keep it humming along.

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