Aug 9, 2016

Paris Librarian, Mark Pryor

Paul Rogers is in charge of the recently donated Severin collection at the American Library in Paris.
When he dies, seemingly of natural causes, Hugo Marston, who found his body starts an off the books investigation. Paul was Hugo's friend and it seems that the Severin collection or someone connected to it may have caused his death. 

Rumors swirl about a dagger that Isabelle Severin used to kill an SS officer in 1944 and Hugo has a surprise visitor, Merlyn (Button Man) and her journalist friend Miki Harrison, who is writing a book on Severin. Hugo digs deeper into Paul's background, unearthing  a devious killer and their fading accomplice and by revisiting the scene of a decades old unsolved crime, Hugo places himself and girlfriend Claudia in grave danger.

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