Oct 4, 2016

The Trespasser, Tana French

Conway is tough as nails, she works the murder squad’s night shift and apart from a good solve the previous year (Secret Place) which netted her a partner, young and ambitious Steve Moran; her job is not turning out the way she’d hoped. Shifts are filled with vicious pranks, harassment, vanishing evidence and a bunch of boring domestics which aren’t that taxing. She wants a case that will propel her and Moran into the rarified atmosphere of the day shift and she just might’ve got it. 

The curious case of Aisling Murray, dead, probably the result of a lovers quarrel. Someone is pressuring Conway and Moran to wrap Aisling’s new boyfriend up nice and tidy and put a bow on the case file before it goes to the prosecutor. Aisling’s friends seem to think she was in over her head before she met the current boyfriend, and Conway is sure she’s seen Aisling before. Throw in a bent copper and some gangland interest from the victim and the case morphs into something else. 

Conway knows that working in the murder squad has made her paranoid, she’s just not sure how far gone she is. Can she trust anyone on the squad, including her new partner?

French carries on with the successful character transplant formula that she began with In The Woods.

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