Jan 10, 2017

Duplicity, Ingrid Thoft

Fourth in the excellent Fina Ludlow PI series.

Fina is called in by Carl Ludlow of Ludlow Associates to prevent an heiress giving away property to a church her mother (and Carl’s old flame) thinks is just after the girl for her money. Fina’s investigation seems to be going nowhere until a member of the church dies unexpectedly and then things really start to happen.

Threats, beat downs, tire slashings, the charismatic leader of the church files a police complaint about Fina, affairs, financial issues with the victim's family. Fina's family are also causing her grief. Rand has returned from Florida, his daughter Haley starts going off the rails immediately and Fina's parents seem to side with Rand despite knowing what he did to Haley.

Fina starts to investigate Rand's past; following a trail of blondes back to his college days in a bid to build a criminal case against him. She figures with enough evidence Carl will have no choice but to send Rand packing again, this time for good. She couldn’t be more wrong.

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