Apr 11, 2017

Good Byline, Jill Orr

Nothing ever happens in Tuttle Corner, well nothing more exciting than the local library sale. That's the opinion of Riley 'Bless her heart' Ellison, whose happily ever after went up in smoke when her future husband Ryan took off to Denver to 'find himself, and left 24 year old Riley on the shelf.

Riley's plan to move on with her life was supposed to involve some light dating by signing up with but the death of her high school bestie, Jordan, upends Riley's life in ways she could never have anticipated when she agrees to write Jordan's obituary for the local paper. Suddenly the gorgeous Ajay, an 80llb furry assassin and an investigative reporter with a side line in batty conspiracy theories are orbiting her quiet little world and Ryan's unexpected return throws Riley for a loop.

Riley is certain Jordan was living her investigative reporter role to the hilt; but did it get her killed and by stepping into her shoes could Riley be in danger too. A fun, fresh and laugh out loud debut.

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