Aug 1, 2017

Clockwork Dynasty, Daniel H Wilson

'all who breathe do not live; all of touch do not feel; and all who see do not judge. Behold the...automat'

June Stefanov has always been fascinated by ancient technology. She has carried her grandfather's tale of an avenging angel impervious to bullets at the battle of Stalingrad for almost as long as she's worn the strange relic he left her around her neck. She has a grant from the mysterious Kunlun Foundation to document and research mechanical antiquities but someone is always a step ahead of her, vandalizing the ancient tech before she can research it but not this time, this time June uses modern methods to wrest a message from her quarry and breaches a hidden world. June reluctantly allies with Peter who has lived among humans for centuries, a warrior who serves no master as his kind slowly dies out. June may hold the key to saving his race, if Peter can keep her alive.

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