Jan 15, 2018

Dominic, Mark Pryor

This is not a Hugo Marston story.

A couple of years ago Pryor wrote a standalone called 'Hollow Man' about a high functioning sociopath named Dominic. It was an enjoyable read and even though Dominic was the bad guy protagonist you couldn't help liking and dare I say it, pulling for him. In 'Dominic' the story supposedly wrapped up  in 'Hollow Man' begins again with a determined cop who wonders if Dominic actually got away with murder. Dominic's co-worker swipes one of Dominic's cases and applies for a position that Dominic decides he wants and his 'special lady' Elizabeth's baby sociopath brother does something really dumb.

Can Dominic scheme his way out of this?  All I can tell you is someone's going to end up dead, maybe several someones. Maybe even Dominic himself.

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