Feb 6, 2018

Imam of Tawi-Tawi, Ian Hamilton

Ava Lee has been out of the debt collection business for a while, she is however the first name that pops into Tommy Ordonez’s head when he encounters a ‘problem’ that could destroy his interests in the Philippines. Ordonez is a friend of Ava’s late mentor, Uncle and when he requests a ‘favour’ from Ava at first she is intrigued but not interested. She and Chinese actress Pang Fai have just spent two wonderful days together before Pang’s latest movie shoot starts. 

Ava decides that having Ordonez in her debt could be useful, she may regret her decision. His problem centers around Zakat College, a suspected training ground for terrorists. Ava will find her mettle and her morals tested like never before.

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