Feb 6, 2018

Force of Nature, Jane Harper

Two small groups of hikers from Bailey/Tennants on a three day corporate retreat in the Giralang wilderness. The five men all made it back, the women missed their deadline and while they did make it out, they’re one short, Alice Russell is missing.

Federal Agents Falk and Cooper have a problem, Alice Russell was their contact, she was about to blow the whistle on her bosses; two of whom were on the retreat. Aaron Falk takes the maps his father left him and with Cooper in tow travels down from Melbourne to assist in the search and to quiz the female Bailey/Tennants employees under the guise of finding out what happened to Alice. According to the others, Alice hiked out while they were still sleeping, no one saw her go. She should’ve gotten back first. He notices that the women seem to have been in the wars, there are some heavy facial bruises, gashes, sprains and an animal bite but in what order did they occur and do they have any bearing on Falk and Cooper’s case?

The author of The Dry brings us another cracker. 

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