May 1, 2018

A Handful of Ashes, Rob McCarthy

Second outing for Dr. Harry Kent. NHS whistleblower, Susan Bayliss has been found dead. Acting DCI Frankie Noble needs the on call medical examiner, awkwardly it’s Harry. He and Noble are no longer together, her love of the bottle forced them apart.

Harry certifies the death but rules it suspicious like maybe somebody held the victim down and then staged the scene. Noble, with Harry grudingly assisting investigates the main suspects, a grand-standing heart surgeon and the victim’s girlfriend.

The Belgrave hospital is clearly covering something up or at least that’s the view of the parents of the four dead children operated on at the Belgrave and they aren’t the only ones covering things up; whilst Frankie may have beaten her addiction, Harry’s long hours at the hospital have him resorting to taking speed to stay alert ...

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