Sep 3, 2018

Author Life in...

We got past July 4th and 24th fireworks free, even though it seems that most of the state is still on fire. We also found Valdo and the house is still in one piece after our visitors of almost three weeks headed back across the pond. Book 3 is still called MMIII
Car first, Valdo apparently wanted to see the sights, after he landed on the other side of the country he was put onto one of those car transporters for one off factory deliveries. Only problem with that was the logistics people confirmed that yes Valdo was in the US but no they didn't know where. Talk about frustrating. Eventually, just about a week before les parents were due to arrive, Valdo put in an appearance and I got my first experience of a semi autonomous car. Now I'm a geek but I won't bore you with the techie stuff. Let's just say it really does drive itself, C is a lot more trusting than me (and even more of a geek than I am) and it made the drive down to Vegas very easy.
Ah Vegas, it's a whole different experience when you're responsible for other people especially when those people a)don't move very fast and b) stop in the middle of the valet/taxi/car area at the Mandalay Bay (with cars zippng around you and them on all sides) to talk to you even though you told them, several times, not to stop until they reach the relative safety of the hotel lobby. It also makes you think differently, and find a whole bunch of elevators and passages when you have a wheelchair to push around the casinos. We didn't lose anyone in Vegas and although there were a few sticky moments during the visit there were no hospital visits/broken appliances/flooded loos this time.
I didn't get much reading done and I'm still behind. Writing, well that's a different story, I  passed the 50 page mark on July 30th. Working inside a framework adds an extra layer of challenge. I accrued some more London trivia, this time about Piccadilly Circus and the statue of Eros (which isn't actually Eros! who knew)
On July 31st I became Muggle Studies Professor Felicity Featherstone for an afternoon/evening. TKE celebrated Harry Potter's birthday same as we did last year, with a whole day of Potter related fun including, in the evening, paid classes for witches and wizards 11 and up.  The classes were in astronomy, muggle studies and divination. I can now make a Zoetrope with my eyes closed!

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