Sep 6, 2020

Another Corona Update

 We are working so hard! 

Since my last update on the bookstore we've lost several more staff - they're teachers so they are back teaching and our students have gone back to College and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they all remain healthy. In the last week Salt Lake City moved from orange to yellow (which is lower risk but not no risk) so more stores are opening their doors. Problem is we are tiny, social distancing is pretty much impossible. We are still wearing masks and sanitizing but our orders, especially the internet variety dropped off.

We've had quite a bit of publicity and that may have hurt us because it seemed like we were doing well, even thriving behind our closed doors. 

We've been in bad spots before but this we realized could be the end. We did get the PPP loan but that money is long gone and while congress and the senate take a vacation, all over the country small business are going to the wall. Whilst the corporations can ride this out, small businesses can't.

Anyway, we asked for help and boy did we get it. We're hip deep in internet orders once again for our 'do your Christmas Shopping in September' campaign. It remains to be seen how this shakes out as we only have a certain amount of staff to process these orders but the community is showing their love for our little bookstore and our fingers are flying across our keyboards to send that love back out to our loyal customers.

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