Oct 8, 2020

Another corona update

The last post about the bookstore was about us being inundated with orders well then Mother Nature threw us a curveball.

Utah gets canyon winds every once in a while I think the last time was 2011, anyway they sound lovely don't they?

So around Sept 8th we had canyon winds overnight and the reality is that the wind funnels through the canyons which speeds it up so that it comes out the mouth of the canyons at under hurricane force but still strong enough to do damage. We clocked gusts of 110 miles an hour, that's CAT1 hurricane strength! The old growth trees in Utah were uprooted, trees fell on our neighbour's houses and knocked out the power at TKE and lots of other local homes and businesses in the Sugarhouse area. Meanwhile the orders continued to pour in to the store because the internet still works if you've got power and lots of people in Utah and around the country didn't lose theirs. 

Cut to four days later, the power was restored and our small band of staff rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We've been very honest, telling customers that their orders might be delayed and they have been wonderful and the best news is that we are getting caught up because staff members are working on orders and paperwork that would normally done in-store at home on their days off. It's a bit Heath-Robinson but it appears to be working. And now back to more paperwork..... 

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