Dec 3, 2020

Another Corona Virus update ... and some changes for 2021

We've had to close until the end of the week. A member of TKE's staff has been potentially exposed to Covid and until we know their test results it's self isolation time. Not the best time to get a booster shot that makes you shivery, mildly feverish and gives you muscle aches but I did and - apart from a still slightly painful arm - all is well on that front.

Hoping that people realize that Christmas this year is going to be just another day and getting stuff in in time for Christmas was problematic even before our covid imposed exile, supply chains being what they are at the moment.

The changes I'm talking about are my social media feeds. Time being a very precious commodity I don't want to waste it so the website is going away. It has been pretty much static since March and even before then the only updates to it were the uploaded videos from my YouTube channel, plus it is a complete faff to update. The blog gets updated fairly regularly and I can schedule uploads months in advance of their publication so that and the YouTube channel will be my focus next year.

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