Dec 3, 2020

French Widow, Mark Pryor

Hugo Marston is involved with two cases; in one he's assisting Lieutenant Lorens solve an art theft in which an American cititzen was attacked at an historic Paris chateau and the second has thrust him into the public eye in a way the Texan really isn't comfortable with and worse has exposed a security breach at the U.S. embassy that could put Hugo's career and reputation in jeopardy.

Hugo, concentrating on the aristocractic Lambourd family and their icy matriarch is narrowing down his list of suspects when some of the missing paintings are returned and his main suspect vanishes. What Hugo doesn't know is that he's been evaluated as a threat by a killer with no scruples and this killer like the rest of the Paris knows exactly where he lives.

N.B If you want to start Hugo's adventures in Paris from the beginning start with The Bookseller. There is also a prequel, The Button Man which is set in London when Hugo was in charge of embassy security in the U.K.

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