Aug 13, 2010

Reading and Writing stories

Sorry folks, been a busy week. My current read is Eighteen Acres by Nicolle Wallace - the eighteen acres in question is that big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. We have a woman president, her female chief of staff and a journalist who just happens to be having an affair with the first husband. So far so good.

I do have orders in for Daniel Pinchbeck's new one and one called Fated which if it's a good as the pitch will do very well.

This week saw me attend my first Utah wedding reception (congrats to Rachel and Joey) and also gave me a great example of corporate nannying which is so going in the next book. Let me set the scene for you, certain US companies want a lean workforce - literally. Basically you give them a sample of your blood and from that, your blood pressure and your height and weight and they tell you everything you're doing wrong. In my case I'm proud to say it wasn't much and one of those values -cholesterol - has been adjusted downwards by big pharma so we're all borderline high (more people to scare onto statins). But to earn credits me and the other half have to participate in a healthy eating plan (he's doing stress relief) which means I have to write down everything I eat. As I said I can really have some fun with that - fictionally speaking as it's no fun in the real world.

Speaking of fiction, I'm holding steady around the 1300 mark on Authonomy. Now that may not sound like much but I started at 3000! Still enjoying my time on that site and I've found and backed some gems.

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