Oct 6, 2010

When a bookseller says 'jump'

Especially when that bookseller is the wonderful Wendy Foster Leigh and she didn't tell me to jump.  Less than a week before we left for Singapore I got an e-mail from Wendy, 'a lady in her book group has a daughter in Singapore and we should try and meet up' So after a couple of backwards and forwards e-mails between myself Wendy, Elaine Davis and daughter Christy we arranged to get in touch the day after we arrived in Singapore.

After a text and a couple of phonecalls we arranged to meet Christy and Regan (her hubby) at the ticket wickets at Little India tube station but at City Hall interchange Christy came up to us, she'd figured that two Gaijin (foreigners) one with red hair could only be me and Chris.  We went to a barefoot restaurant called Lagnaa in Little India, best indian food I've had since we left UK. It was a fun evening. 

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