Jun 22, 2011

An evening with Michael Feeney Callan

This week is flying, attended the Robert Redford bio event last night - no he wasn't there - although the bio is authorized Redford is a very private guy and no one was expecting him to put in an appearance.  There was some talk of obtaining a cardboard cutout but that never went anywhere. 

Michael Feeney Callan - the author - is a charming Irishman who answered the many, many questions the vocal audience put to him.  Lets lay to rest the idea that this book is a tell-all, Callan put it best when he said (I'm paraphrasing him) that the book was a 16 year project shaped by voices of people who have worked with Redford and by Callan's observations of Redford - they bumped heads a few times but have remained friends.

Here is a link to a great interview that Doug Fabrizio conducted with Callan yesterday (June 21)

At the event Callan did have a few comments on sloppy mis-informed journalism (Doug's interview is none of those things!).  One review in an LA newspaper showed that not only had the reviewer not read Callan's book (Cardinal sin as far as I'm concerned).  He or she had taken Redford's mythical baseball career from a post on the internet and used it as fact.  Callan wrote to the editor and asked for a correction (which he got) and an apology (which he didn't get) 

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