Apr 9, 2013

When's the next blog post??

Oh boy have I been hearing that question a lot. And my Google Analytics looks like a map of the Atlas mountains So to answer that question - right here!

Another rewrite, completed yesterday is the reason for my non-blogging. We came in short on the word count for T'ball and some character development was required. The editing was like playing ping pong (ie fun and fast), and having an editor who is on your wavelength is a rare gift.

I am reading; reviews to come in the next few months include Black Country by Alex Grecian (the follow-up to The Yard), Loyalty, a first novel by Ingrid Thoft. Lexicon by Max Barry. Graveland, the last in the trilogy by Alan Glynn and the new Jussi Adler Olsen, A Conspiracy of Faith-which is very very relevant to this part of the world.

There's only one review for this month and that's not because there are no good books out there (I mean have you read The Dinner, Life after Life, Murder Below Montparnasse, Snow White Must Die, Syndrome E?) and Alex, I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on that arc.

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