Mar 4, 2013

Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

Stemming from a 2010 TEDtalk that went viral, Sandberg is on a mission, she wants more female CEOs.

Why is that such a hard thing to achieve with more smart women getting degrees in traditionally male dominated fields? Sandberg uses her experiences while working at Google and now tech giant Facebook to inform us how unconscious discrimination quietly reinforces the stereotypes that have women leaving the workforce after their first baby and never going back. For instance, did you know that successful women are seen as pushy and unlikeable by both sexes?

The right way for a woman to negotiate. The changing dynamics of mentoring rising female stars and what male CEOs can do to bring out the best in their female employees.

In the movie Zero Dark Thirty, the female CIA agent (who has successfully located UBL) is summoned to a meeting with her bosses’ bosses in Washington DC and when she goes to sit at the conference table is told, ‘you can’t sit there, go and sit on the chairs at the end of the room.’ This scene may or may not have been fictional but I wouldn’t have paid it any attention (casual discrimination) had I not read this book.

The landscape needs to change because 80% of our boardrooms look like commercials for Viagra and Rogaine.

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