Dec 20, 2016

Hollow Men, Rob McCarthy

Start of a new series featuring Dr. Harry Kent. Harry is tenacious, flawed, a former army medic who now works at John Ruskin university hospital and moonlights as a police surgeon for the Metropolitan police. He gets called in during a siege of a London fast food restaurant where teenager Solomon Idris is holding a gun on staff and customers and demanding medical attention, a lawyer and a BBC reporter.

Harry assesses that Solomon is gravely ill and in no condition to fire the gun he’s holding. It doesn’t stop the boy being shot by a police marksman. Harry rushes him to the Ruskin where a second attempt is made on Solomon’s life. Harry, now determined to protect his patient at all costs starts digging into the backgrounds of his colleagues; including Dr. James Lahiri, the man who saved Harry’s life in Afghanistan and whom Harry repaid with the worst kind of betrayal.

As Harry gets closer to the truth, his and Lahiri’s past comes back to bite him and Harry is pulled in for questioning. Can he clear himself and stop Solomon from being silenced forever?

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