Nov 14, 2017

Into The Drowning Deep, Mira Grant

This isn't my usual read, I'm not a huge horror fan but this drew me in. I mean killer mermaids, c'mon. Well written, plenty of marine science geekery, a disaster movie element, shady entertainment companies, and characters you can root for, or boo.

Here's the review  

Seven years ago Imagine Entertainment sent a ship, The Atargatis, out to the Marianna trench, their mission to find and film what we would call ‘mermaids’. The mission was a disaster, the vessel was lost as sea and there were no survivors. What did survive was the footage which Imagine fought tooth and claw to keep under wraps and which was leaked by a relative of the crew. Depending on who you talked to over the years it was either the greatest maritime tragedy or the greatest hoax of our time.

Victoria ‘Tory’ Stewart’s big sister Anne was among the missing and she has devoted her career to research that might uncover her sister’s fate. Now, seven years later, Imagine are back, offering big incentives to get Tory and her research partner to reprise that voyage. Tory and a massive group of scientists, security ‘experts’, camera crews, big game hunters and Imagine spokeswoman and geek goddess Oliva Sanderson; under the auspices of the enigmatic Theo Blackwell and Dr. Jillian Toth, the expert on ‘mermaids’. Packed onto The Melusine a Disney Cruise line style behemoth. This time Imagine is taking no chances, they’ve built massive shutters into the design that will cut off the open decks of the ship at the first sign of danger. One slight flaw in that plan, the shutters aren’t responding and what lurks at the bottom of the Marianna Trench is centuries old, and very very hungry.

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