Dec 9, 2016


Blog feedback is important to me and quite often it comes in the form of conversations at the store and the most common one in the last week has been. Why aren't you reading anything at the moment?

Oh I'm reading alright, and blurbing and ohhing and ahhing at books like 'Atlas Obscura' and 'StarTalk' and classics such as 'The Lost Garden' and 'Lying Awake'. The blurbs are for 2017 but here's a few to look out for.


Beautiful Dead, Belinda Bauer
Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough
The Dry, Jane Harper
Her Every Fear, Peter Swanson


Winterlong, Mason Cross
Spook Street, Mick Herron
The Last Night At Tremore Beach, Mikel Santiago


Mister Memory, Marcus Sedgwick
The Cutaway, Christina Kovac

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