Mar 7, 2017

Mister Memory, Marcus Sedgwick

It was a crime of passion, Marcel Despres killed his wife Ondine in their apartment with a gun. Everyone heard the shot, or was it shots? Despres is declared insane and bundled with unseemly haste into a mental asylum. And there the case would've rested but for young police Inspector, Petit, psychiatrist Doctor Morel and Marcel Despres himself. For Marcel is no ordinary man, he remembers everything. Inspector Petit comes to believe that Ondine's death is more than the result of a lover's quarrel. He suspects a cover-up stretching from the mean streets of Pigalle to the very highest levels of French government.

Petit convinces Dr. Morel that locked up somewhere in Marcel's giant brain is the fact that will crack his case but he's not the only one who has reached that conclusion.

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