Mar 21, 2017

Cutaway, Christina Kovac


The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing person identified as Evelyn Marie Carney. She was last seen at approximately 9:48 p.m., on Sunday March 8, in the twelve hundred block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

Nightly news producer, Virginia Knightley‘s instincts are piqued by this notice. Rumours are circulating that the young lawyer was having an affair with a DC heavyweight and that she just doesn’t want to be found. Calling in a favour from an old flame Virginia begins to dig. She encounters a smokescreen of unhelpful lawyers, obstructive police, political horsetrading, bereft lovers and husbands and Paige Linden, Evelyn’s best friend who, like Virginia, is convinced that something terrible has happened to Evelyn.

As if this wasn’t enough to contend with ratings are down at the station and the person responsible for bringing them back up’s antics are hurting Virginia’s team.

A great debut novel with bucket loads of authenticity. Kovac spent 17 years producing crime and political stories in Washington DC.  

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