May 2, 2017

Pearl Thief, Elizabeth Wein (A prequel to Codename Verity)

Before Verity became a brave and unbreakable spy she was Scots lass Julia Beaufort Stuart.

Fifteen year old Julia, Julie to her friends made the mistake of coming home from her Swiss studies three days early and ended up in hospital because of it. She can’t remember being bashed over the head she’s just grateful to the McEwens, Euan and Ellen and their fellow Travellers, who found her injured on the path to their camp site and got her to hospital.

Returning to her grandfather’s estate to recover, Julie begins to remember snippets of what happened to her. She is keen to get to the bottom of the mystery because on the day she got hurt a family employee vanished. She grows closer to the McEwens, experiencing firsthand some of the prejudices they’ve become used to. Then a body is found in the river and the Travellers look like an easy target to frame for murder. Julie joins forces with the McEwens and her brother Jamie to find the real culprit and save her new friends.

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