May 4, 2017


Case of Espionage hit store shelves just over two weeks ago and TKE have almost sold through our first order, which is great!

Regular visitors here know that reviews are very important, especially for new authors like me and whilst I have several blurbs ready to go on the back of Rollover (and a Kirkus review to quote from) this all happened so fast that blurbs and reviews where the last thing I was thinking about for C.O.E.

I got a thumbs up from my beta readers (after editing) and I've had some favourable verbal reviews but written ones are what I need. Here is the link to TKE's website

Most indies will be able to get you a copy. It's on Am**on as well (I have no control over that, I wish I did but...)

Reviews, here or on Riffle would be greatly appreciated.

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