Jul 11, 2017

Watch Me Disappear, Janelle Brown

It’s been a year since Billie Flanagan went missing, hiking alone in the Desolation Wilderness. They never found her body but her busted up cellphone and single hiking boot tell the story. Billie, the force of nature that swept Jonathan off his feet and into a proposal of marriage just six weeks after meeting her is dead.

Their daughter, Olive has started having ‘visions’ of her mother and her conclusion is that Billie is still alive somewhere, maybe being held against her will. Jonathan, now writing a book of his life with Billie and just about coming to terms with her absence tries to discourage Olive’s attempts to locate her missing mom. And then, a chance comment from one of Billie’s best friends makes him wonder if he really knew his wife at all. If he built a story around her to protect himself and keep their family together and he starts to dig…

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