Jul 17, 2017

The Boy Who Saw, Simon Toyne

Second in the Solomon Creed series.

With less than a month until the French elections, the mysterious Solomon Creed arrives in the small town of Cordes-sur-Ciel looking for Josef Engel, the tailor who sewed the label "Made to treasure for Mr. Solomon Creed." into his jacket. If anyone knows more about his identity it will be Engel.

What he finds is Engel's bloody corpse and the police, who found Solomon at the scene, are quick to lock him up as the murderer. During his interrogation Solomon learns that the killer was seeking a list, possibly tied to the survivors of a notorious Nazi prison camp massacre at the end of WWII. Reasoning that Engel's surviving family could still be in danger. Solomon escapes custody, taking Marie-Claude, Engel's grand-daughter and her young son Leo with him. Marie-Claude has been researching her family history (even though Engel expressly forbade her to do so) and she has learned the location of the prison camp in which her grandfather was held, Mulhouse, close to the German/Swiss border. but she cannot suspect the terrible secret hidden at the camp for all these years. A secret wound around someone who looks a lot like Solomon Creed...

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