Jul 18, 2017

Library of Light and Shadow, M.J. Rose

It is 1925 and post war New York is a glamourous place. Gifted young artist Delphine Duplessi, a favourite on the society party circuit is known for her ‘shadow paintings’ portraits that lay bare the subject’s darkest secrets. Delphine herself has a secret; her talent is enhanced by powers passed down through the Duplessi line. When her ‘gift’ leads to tragic consequences, Delphine, along with her twin brother and business manager Sebastian sail back to France. Back home Delphine tries to heal, her mother, legendary witch La Lune tries to help her, whilst Sebastian does his best to lure her back to painting again.

Sebastian springs a commission on her, Emma Calve, former opera singer and now owner of a Chateau that has links to alchemist Nicolas Flamel, wants to hire Delphine to ‘shadow paint’ the building and reveal the secrets that Flamel allegedly hid there in the Library of Light and Shadow.

And Delphine is hiding something, someone else from her family, her ex-lover Mathieu. The daughters of La Lune are cursed by love but her love for this man may destroy them both. 

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