Dec 5, 2017

Blood Truth, Matt Coyle

Readers of this blog will know my penchant for discovering a series in the middle and having to go back and start over, well it's happened again. Great noir, set in San Diego.

PI Rick Cahill’s disgraced ex-cop father Charlie, keeps coming back to haunt him.

He’s called to his childhood home, the renovators have found something hidden away in the walls; a safe that belonged to Charlie. Rick, in the middle of a case with personal overtones (his client is former girlfriend Kim.) arranges to have the safe opened. 

The contents appear to prove that Charlie Cahill was dirty. What Rick doesn’t realize is that he’s been watched all this time, by powerful people who've killed before and will kill again to keep their secrets buried. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s a murder suspect. Again.

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