Dec 5, 2017

You Can Run, Steve Mosby

No one is going to catch the Red River Killer he’s too smart for the police to apprehend him. He didn’t count on dumb luck, though. A freak accident exposes his hideout and rescues his intended victim. Soon a manhunt is underway for Blythe the killer on the run; he seeks help from the worm, a witness who has kept Blythe’s crimes a terrible secret for reasons too twisted to explain. When the husband of one of the victims questions the number of bodies recovered; Detective Inspectors Emma Beck and Will Turner get a feeling that they aren’t seeing the whole picture. 

Will wants to solve this case, one of his exes was an early victim of the Red River Killer a secret that even Emma doesn’t know. With the press on their backs and their superiors breathing down their necks an unlikely hero emerges but Will still senses something, amiss, something, contrived and he and Emma have got 72 hours to nail this case shut or watch a killer walk into the arms of an adoring press.

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