Oct 9, 2018

Marylebone Drop, Mick Herron

Herron's perfect short is set in a wintry London, there are spies and The Park and The Hub and of course the devious Lady Di and a new candidate for Slough House?

Fischers cafe in London isn't the place you'd normally witness anything odd. Except Solomon Dortmund knows odd, noticing odd things has kept him alive in a very dangerous business. Even though Solly is long retired, his tradecraft is etched into his old bones and he knows a drop when he sees one.

John Batchelor is an also-ran spook who does the 'milk run', he has one shining star on his resume, the recruitment of BND asset 'Snow White'. John's job is to keep the old spies comfortable in their dotage. In five years or less his job will just disappear. Running an agent isn't something The Park thinks John is capable of but Solly's information is about to change John's life...

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