Jun 15, 2020

Devolution, Max Brooks

House sitting at Green Loop - a small exclusive planned community in the Cascades - is just what Kate Holland needs. Fresh air, nature out your window. Mount Rainier in the distance. Yes it’s isolated, supplies come in by drone but it’s also self-sufficient, solar powered and high tech. Kate starts journaling to have fodder for her Skype therapy sessions, while husband Dan hunches over his IPad.

No one at Green Loop expected Mount Rainier to erupt and what it unleashed wasn’t just ash clouds and boiling mudslides...

Months later Kate’s journal is discovered in the devastated remains of Green Loop. That journal and interviews with Kate’s brother, Frank and Senior Ranger Josephine Schell enable Max Brooks,author of World War Z to piece together what happened and who-or what was responsible and the lines between fiction and non-fiction are officially blurred.

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